Bride and Father Walking Down The Aisle
Amy Bennett Photography

Bride and Father Walking Down The Aisle

Jenny and Erick held their wedding ceremony at the groom's father's house in Willsboro, New York on Lake Champlain. It was a cell phone-free wedding, which Amy absolutely loved because the photographs she can take end up being much more timeless without the presence of cell phones. Amy is more than willing (with the permission of the bride and groom, of course) to lecture wedding guests about putting their phones away before the ceremony starts and waiting until after the wedding party has recessed to take them out again. This is because it makes a real difference in the kind of photos she can get and the way that guests connect with the ceremony.

The couple put ‘no cell phone photography’ in their wedding invitations, instead asking one person to take some photos on their phone the day of to supplement Amy’s photographs and give the guests the instant gratification they are looking for when they take cell phone photos at a wedding. Too often people are pointing their cell phone cameras at the bride and looking at her face through a screen instead of really seeing her. Everyone is clearly connected with the bride in this moment as she walks down the aisle with her father, evident by the bright smiles on their faces.

Location: Willsboro, NY.

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