Bride and Groom Recessional Kiss
Amy Bennett Photography

Bride and Groom Recessional Kiss

This is a great moment to capture as a wedding photographer. Amy always talks to couples about “pausing moments” where they can take a moment to pause and react. She encourages the bride and groom to anticipate some of those moments ahead of time, which allows them to soak in the emotion and really enjoy it instead of being overwhelmed. Seizing these moments is important because things like walking up and down the aisle can’t be recreated later to the same effect.

         It’s also important that the couple doesn’t worry about the presence of the wedding photographer. Of course there will be staged photos, but the snapshots of moments like these will often generate more immediate memories of the emotional event later on. These moments are meant to be experienced and enjoyed, not posed.

         Jessica and Paul were married at Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, Vermont, a popular destination for Vermont weddings. Amy has shot more weddings at Mountain Top Inn than any other location. This makes sense because it’s really set up for weddings and great for destination weddings because you can book rooms at the inn and rent houses. It’s ideal for the kind of rustic chic vibe that is popular at Vermont wedding destinations because they have a big, gorgeous barn and a breathtaking view over the lake. 

Bride hair: Jennifer Marshall, Marvell at the Moxie

Bride makeup: Flawless Obsession by Carrie Ann

Bride dress: Martina Liana

Location: Chittenden, Vermont.

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