The Table is Set
Amy Bennett Photography

The Table is Set

One of the first decisions that Jessica and Paul made when planning their wedding, was to hold it ceremony in Vermont. With the luscious forests, green mountains and sparkling blue lakes, Vermont offers a wide range of breath-taking landscapes that are perfect locations for a wedding. However, Jessica and Paul wanted more for than wedding than it just being in Vermont, they also wanted their special day to be modeled after the state’s culture itself.

            This theme extended from the resort that they stayed in, to the table settings where maple wood was used as name cards, menu backgrounds, napkin holders, and much more.  But the maple wood used was not just any maple tree; Jessica and Paul used the wood from Sugar Maple trees. Besides being the most common tree found in Vermont, the Sugar Maple tree is one of the strongest trees currently existing. They are resistant to almost every weather condition, including extreme cold and hot temperatures, sugar maple trees have an average lifespan of 400 years, and the trees are one of the few maple species that produce the sweet sap used to create syrup.

            What does any of this have to do with Jessica and Paul’s wedding? Well, by using this specific wood, they symbolized all the qualities that a successful marriage has: tolerance to every situation thrown at the couple, a long life span, and a sweetness (either in moods or personalities) that radiates off them. So either consciously or subconsciously, Jessica and Paul designed their wedding to show what they want to do and get in their marriage. 

Location: Mountain Top Inn and Resort, Chittenden, Vermont.

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