Wonderful Beach Wedding Ceremony Design
Amy Bennett Photography
Brittany and Don In Barbados

Wonderful Beach Wedding Ceremony Design

Amy loves this photo because of the symmetry. It’s important to her as a photographer to respect horizon and building lines and do everything in her power to make sure the aspect ratio is correct. Photos of scenery like this are all about geometry; the parallel and perpendicular lines make the photo visually appealing.

Brittany, the Wedding and Events Coordinator for the Burlington Country Club, and in this wedding, the breathtaking bride, went above and beyond when it came to her wedding. She had a vision for what she wanted the chuppah to look like and made it happen. Amy has been to her fair share of destination weddings, and she could see a huge difference between Brittany and Don’s wedding and other weddings that rely on the resort’s all-inclusive wedding staff to do everything for them.

         Brittany and Don highly recommend having a destination wedding. Brittany said, “I really had to force myself to let go of control so that I could enjoy my wedding instead of micromanaging the staff.” She “fully committed to this plan” once the couple arrived at the resort and had an “absolute blast” as a result. There’s no sense in worrying about the details the day of your wedding. The event staff has done this before and they know what to do. It can be hard to let go, but it’s totally worth it! 

Location: Barbados .