On Cabo Fashion Shooting

As a Cabo Wedding Photographer, I often find myself shooting portraits and weddings. However, when I have the chance to do a fashion shoot in Cabo, I get very excited. Cabo San Lucas is the perfect destination for fashion shoots. The weather, the landscapes, the beaches, the mountains, the deserts and the beautiful people make this a no-brainer for companies looking to showcase their products or services. The girls of Bella Couture contacted me to shoot all around Cabo San Lucas. We had a blast and the images are spectacular and fun!

After living in Cabo for the past 2+ years it amazes me that I do not see more fashion shoots around town. As an established Cabo Wedding Photographer, their are not too many fashion photographers in town. Cabo has become know for being a quick get away from the West coast that is often frequented by celebrities and destination photographers alike. Fashion shots can often be a big gamble for companies who are spending a ton of money and time on just the right advertising.  However, for up and coming ventures like Bella Couture and others, they can stock their gallery with beautiful images at a fairly low cost. Merging a vacation with work and getting a local Cabo Wedding Photographer to take some images is a quick and easy way to get things done. Shooting in my backyard, I know the locations and the lighting that will fit perfectly into the vision of the company. Oh and the weather is always perfect, so no chance of getting rained out. Come down to Cabo for vacation and work! We can accomplish both at the same time.

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