Why did you become a wedding photographer?

As much as I like to gush over a gorgeous sunset or mountain vista, human beings are hands down my favorite subject. Weddings in particular are epicenters for smart, interesting, impeccably dressed people. And every trip down the aisle is unique. No matter the style or setting, I love making all who are in attendance look beautiful and timeless. Weddings are emotional and sometimes messy and unpredictable–but in the very best ways possible. As the photographer, I am the director, making sure everyone is happy and enjoying the day. It’s a wonderful responsibility and one that I take very seriously (while keeping an excellent sense of humor, of course).

What is your photographic Style?

In a (hyphenated) word: Portrait-journalism. I like a good blend of traditional and photojournalistic styles. I will only pose you when it can be done without interfering with the natural progression of the day. My photos have a timeless and elegant quality, and I tend to steer clear of trendy editing techniques. If I do my job right, everyone will be having fun and feel at ease. These two things in combination make for spectacular wedding photos.

What is the favorite part of the wedding day?

While mingling with the guests comes in a close second, I look forward to the portraits session with the bride and groom most and capturing incredible moments in the most flattering ways possible. I live for my clients’ reactions—namely when they are blown away by how great they (and all of their friends and family) look in the photos.

What do you love about wedding photography?

Vermont is the perfect place for shooting unique weddings against jaw-dropping scenery. The natural beauty is exceptional and the potential for year-round activities for you and your guests is unparalleled. From sweet alpine meadows to gorgeous lake front venues, there are plenty of outdoorsy options for intimate ceremonies and receptions. As a one-time professional skier, I am thrilled to have the mountains in my backyard and to have the opportunity to share them with you.

Do you work with a second shooter?

I love working with my husband. In addition to shooting together, David helps me manage our business. He allows me to be me (so cute), and enjoy what I love best – taking photos. We compliment each other and work together to create a seamless process for you.

My Kiddos – Sage (11), Anna (9), Kate (6).

The reason I do what I do. I can’t wait until they are old enough to work with me. Just a few more years and Sage will be involved!

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