If there was ever a time to slow down the clock, it would be at your wedding. All the thinking, planning and anticipation culminates in a few fast hours. Your photographs allow you to savor the smiles, laughter, connections and love that you and your partner created. Long after you’ve said your vows and basked in the deliciousness of your honeymoon.

Hiring a photographer is a partnership, and while far less complex than a marriage, it’s a relationship that matters more than you might think. On one of the most important days of your life, you want to be able to trust your photographer implicitly. And, since they will be your shadow for the day, you want to like them and have fun with them. For me, success boils down to five things: communication, honesty, laughter, kindness and respect. I incorporate them into everything I do and I’m happy to say, so far so good.

I recommend incorporating a wedding photographer into your planning process as soon as possible--especially when considering a Vermont destination wedding. I am happy to assist with everything from the timeline to the color schemes to your selection of vendors. Whenever possible, I encourage my clients to schedule a photo session before the wedding when things are slightly calmer and more relaxed. At the very least, I welcome lots of communication through Skype calls and emails so I can get to know you and your fiancé in advance of the big day.

The investment you make for your wedding is an important one. The memories you make and capture on your special day will last several lifetimes as your photos are passed down to future generations.

First let me give you some deliverables I can guarantee you:

I request a minimum of 6-hours of coverage for wedding coverage on Saturdays. For more information visit my FAQ page.

2017-18 Rates:

 (6 hours) -- $3,900

 (7 hours) -- $4,375

 (8 hours) -- $4,800

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