​10 Best Wedding Venues in Stowe, VT
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10 Best Wedding Venues in Stowe Vermont

We rounded up some of the most beautiful venues in Stowe, Vermont

Topnotch Resort Weddings

The name seems self-explanatory and a smidge bodacious until you come here and understand why the name fits. This Vermont wedding venue is on a 120-acre estate, nestled into Vermont’s Green Mountains. Topnotch is not only a resort but a spa as well, adhering to the bride and groom’s special needs in order to have their perfect day. The resort has outdoor and indoor swimming pools along with tennis facilities. In any season, snow or sun, Topnotch has the best amenities for the whole party. Hiking trails, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding are only some of the activities that the whole family can attend. To top it all off, their eateries, “The Roost” and “Flannel Restaurant”, serve fresh, local, organic, food as well as craft cocktails and beer. Were trying not to be so cheesy, but the Topnotch Resort and Spa is (dare I say) “Topnotch”, and a perfect Vermont wedding venue for your perfect day.

Edison Hill Weddings

If you’re looking for something more homey for a Vermont wedding venue, Edison Hill is the place. Edison Hill is held on a country estate of 38 acres in the hills of Stowe, Vermont. From the outside it looks like a modern country home, perfect for a wedding that is on the smaller side. Edison Hill is an elegant wedding venue, as well as top of the line personal service for the people of the wedding party. Edison Hill has the most exquisite personal touch from the staff to the people to make this modern acre and house feel like a temporary home, filled with all the love the bride and groom bring.

Stowe Mountain Resort

There’s no denying that the Stowe Mountain Lodge is one of the most visited places in Stowe. What better way to say ‘I do’ than in the most beautiful and scenic mountain resort in New England? If you’re planning on having a larger wedding, the Stowe Mountain Lodge can accommodate up to 300 guests, happily. Since the resort is so expansive, they have a few different event areas for the happy couple to choose from. This includes Spruce Camp Base Lodge, The Cliff House, The Cottage, The Mansfield Ballroom and Terrace Garden, Mountain Chapel, The Junior Ballroom and Tamarack Ballroom, and The Terrace. If you choose the Stowe Mountain Resort, there is a Wedding Planning Team that assists you in all the planning of the most memorable day of your life, what more could you ask for?

Country Club of Vermont

This is seamlessly another landscape in Stowe, VT that happens to take our breath away with the view of the green mountains. The Country Club of Vermont has specifically, the view of Camel’s Hump, one of the most known hiking mountains in the Stowe area. This is the perfect wedding venue because of it’s hundreds of bountiful acres filled with the most lush parts of nature. They typically host small to medium sized wedding parties in their different facilities around the Country Club. A former bride who had her wedding at this beautiful destination reviewed it as “The building is gorgeous, the view would rival any spot in the state and you cannot beat the service we received...” You can’t beat these wide open spaces and one of the largest golfing clubs in the state.

Field Guide Weddings

Field Guide is most adored for it’s modern and elegant architecture. If the architecture means a great deal to you, Field Guide is a spectacular place to set up your beautiful wedding in Stowe, Vermont. The indoor and outdoor seating is surrounded by the breathtaking landscape that ties this venue all together. Field Guide is also largely booked for rehearsal dinners for the intimacy and size. It’s a wonderful place to bring friends and family who are unfamiliar with Vermont because of it’s rustic, yet, elegant look.

Stoweflake Mountain Resort Weddings

There are not many things that seem to be as stressful as planning your wedding, we totally get it. Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa is 60 beautiful acres of land and an award winning spa in the heart of it. We believe treating yourself is paramount to the pre-wedding, after wedding, and the in between. The Mountain Resort is flooded with colors from the various gardens that circle around their land. Per usual for a Stowe, Vermont wedding, there is a view of Mount Mansfield, one of the other well-known mountains in Stowe, in the distance. Relaxing and in the wide open spaces of colorful gardens is an exquisite way to ease into the beginning of your new, loving, life.

The Round Hearth of Stowe Weddings

Out of everything Stowe has to offer, skiing is the number one reason that makes this place a destination spot. For those dedicated skiers (because we know some of you are) The Round Hearth wedding venue is the perfect wedding venue for you. The Round Hearth has gained its reputation as Vermont’s very first ski-dorm. The Round Hearth is as comfortable as skiing dorms tend to be, therefore, making your wedding just the same amount of comfort. This wedding venue tends to be a choice from couples who are looking for something unique as well as something extremely distinguished.

The Stowehof Weddings

The Stowehof is the last unforgettable wedding venue in Stowe that you need to see for yourself. Enclosed by Vermont’s Green Mountains, this landmark accompanies you to make sure your day goes exactly as planned. The staff wants you to treat the Stowehof like it is a blank canvas for you to color in with your dreams and highest expectations. This wedding venue has a varying group of different locations on the premise to host your wedding perfectly for your family and friends.

Timberholm Inn Weddings

If you’re interested in places that are rich in history, Timberholm Inn is the perfect wedding venue in Vermont. Timberholm Inn is known as an historic landmark in the New England community of Stowe. Timberholm has much more of a rustic appeal than a venue that is more modern. This beautiful venue is surrounded by the green mountains and countless gardens among the acre. This wedding venue happens to be the most intimate for a small, yet, wholesome wedding. The green surrounding this outdoor and indoor landmark makes the day extra special in the midst of nature.

Green Mountain Inn Weddings

This is where my husband and me got married! One of the most important things for having a smooth wedding day is having a professional and accommodating staff that will make sure your day is as perfect as planned. The Green Mountain Inn ensures that this field is done in it’s best manner for the bride and groom. This scenic Vermont wedding venue offers five premier locations for the ceremony as well as two reception areas. The interior of the numerous locations has an impeccable classic interior that fits the elegant feel you’re going for. You won’t regret the classy Green Mountain Inn for a scenic and unforgettable day.

Wedding Venue Location

The Stowe Mountain Resort

Website: https://www.stowe.com/

Phone: 1.888.253.4849

Location: 5781 Mountain Road, Stowe, VT 05672

Location: 5781 Mountain Road, Stowe, VT 05672.

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