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Charleston Portrait Photographer

We are Amy and David Bennett of Amy Bennett Photography. A husband-and-wife wedding photography team based in Mount Pleasant, SC.

After building a successful business specializing in destination wedding photography in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Tahoe, and most recently in Burlington, Vermont, We are ready for a new adventure and grow some roots with my family in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Our mission is to deliver Charleston wedding photos that will fill our clients with the same joy, romance, butterflies, love, and devotion as they felt on their wedding day! And, to capture them looking their absolute best in the most timeless and photojournalistic way possible.

I believe the best wedding photos reflect the couple in the most truthful and genuine way. That means delivering images that are heartfelt, warm, and full of emotion.

David and I have photographed over 150 weddings in New England, Los Cabos, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Lake Placid, Barbados, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Vermont, New England and other destination wedding locations. I can't wait to hear about your wedding plans!

Every wedding is unique.

Hearing about your wedding and being a part of the planning is one of my favorite parts of the job. I like to be involved from the beginning of your planning process.

Portrait Photographer

Gone are the days when you received only one or two highly staged and posed photographs on your wedding day. Your grandparents would have received one or two photos, in black-and-white, cutting the cake or posing very stoically for the photographer.

How lucky are we in this digital age to be able to photograph and deliver wedding images that tell the story of the whole day in many different types of photography, including documentary style, photojournalistic style, and straight-up portraiture.

Each moment of your wedding day might call for a different type of photography. Knowing when to interact with the bride and groom, groom and groom or bride and bride, or when to allow them to interact with one another and their guests without bothering them is one of the ways in which an experienced photographer separates him or herself from newbies in the wedding photography business. It's a fine line that we walk all wedding day.

Our job isn't to overwhelm the couple with a photoshoot on their wedding day. It's to get the job done in the most unintrusive way possible. Working fast and having fun during the portrait time, but then leaving the couple to enjoy their wedding day

Charleston Photographers Amy & David Bennett | 1559 Gemstone Dr, Mount Pleasant, SC

802.825.7505 | www.amybennettphoto.com | amybennettphoto@gmail.com