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Couples Wedding Portraits

Some Tips on Posing

Practice Makes Perfect.

What I’ve learned with the bride and groom is to give them time with the pose, and to be relaxed, and to kind of let the moment happen. Getting that comfort level with the bride and groom is so important going into the portrait session. That is why it is nice to have some time before the wedding day to get to know the bride and groom, to get over the initial awkwardness.

It is helpful to come into the portrait session with practice and understanding that you are not going to have ugly pictures delivered to you, so TRUST the photographer. I am only going to choose the photos and show you the photos you look good in, so you are never going to see the awkward photos. I am going to find places that have lovely light.

I think it is really important for the bride and groom to practice taking pictures together, and whether they do it with a family member or friend or someone else taking the pictures is not important. Practice makes perfect. Doing a little research on Pinterest and looking at poses and practicing getting in those poses with your husband will help. If you see a pose that you like, try to get in that naturally.

The more that the couple puts into it, the more pictures they are going to get back from it. And sometimes, the more willing they are to get emotional and into it, the better the pictures turn out. I am not going to put them in awkward positions, I am not going to make them lie in the sand, I am not going to make them get their dress wet, I will not have you jump in a photo on your wedding day. (I find jumping in a wedding dress very awkward, and unless you are a ballerina or a hoops player — unless you can jump gracefully, I will not ask you to jump. Jumping pictures need to be requested.)

Dipping the bride is something you should practice because it is hard.

Show Your Love.

Kiss, hug, and flirt with each other. I love when the girl grabs the guy’s arm, or grabs his hand. I love it when grooms kiss the girl’s shoulder or kiss her neck. Being in the moment and showing the love and not be afraid to touch each other and be romantic can make for amazing pictures.

Tasteful flirting and being cutesy together is great. Being with each other and focusing on each other and not me as the photographer. Sometimes I will let you have your moment and then say, “look over at me,” which makes for a nice picture.

Think About Props.

Any sort of signage will work well. Incorporating signage and little ribbons to use as props can be cute. Obviously you have your bouquet with you as well. A lot of people choose not to do the veil, which I think is a bummer when it comes to portrait time. I think you can do a lot with the veil.

How long do the couples portraits take?

If we do a first look, I would like 45 minutes to do the portraits, of just the couple.

If we don’t do a first look, and wait till afterwards, I am happy to get 20 – 30 minutes after the ceremony, just with the couple.

What to know about group photos?

Let people know when group pictures are going to be, and where they are going to be. Encourage people to have fun with it, have energy, and that it isn’t going to take a long time.