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Vermont is home to some of the most beautiful, quaint little towns around. Cambridge is one such town in Vermont, where people flock towards to spend a relaxing little weekend or just for some fun time out with the entire family. If you are hitting Cambridge, or planning to visit it anytime soon, here are our some of our best picks for things to do when you are there.

Starting off with an activity which is more suitable for people who can't get enough of the adrenaline rush, Petra Cliffs Climbing Centre is a place that combines family fun and excitement in a perfect balance.  Rock Climbing is an activity which you can do either just on your own or with your family and friends in tow, either way; it is super fun. The best thing about Petra Cliffs other than their fantastic rock walls is their helpful staff. Other than showing you the ropes, they know their stuff. Their knowledge about rock climbing is evident when they start speaking.

Another place which is likely to be well received by adventure seekers is ArborTrek Canopy Adventures. The place is suitable for kids as young as 8 and adults will find the place fun as much as the kids would. The zip lining adventure at the ArborTrek is something worth trying. However, word of caution here is to be followed for people who are afraid of heights. Zip lining requires you to stay something about 30-50 feet in the air for a few hours, so if heights scare you, you might want to skip on this…or look at it as another opportunity to conquer your fear! The course at ArborTrek is super well maintained and the staff if immensely helpful, especially for first-timers. Their gear and equipment are also in good shape. When at ArborTrek Canopy Adventures, expect to have 2 or 2 ½ hours breeze by just like that.

The towns in Vermont are also known for their excellent breweries. It would be a shame if you visited Cambridge, Vermont and missed out on an excellent brewery. With that in mind, our next suggestion is to check out the Burlington Brew Tours. Their tours are excellent. They offer you a chance to see cool places like The Vermont Pub & Brewery, Switchback, Goodwater and many others. So, if you have always wanted to learn about the history of craft beers or the beer culture in Vermont generally and taste some delicious beer, it does not get better than the Burlington Brew Tours. 

As you can already tell that there is quite a lot to do at Cambridge, Vermont. If a wedding of a relative or any other event is one of the reasons why you are visiting a town in Vermont and are now looking for Vermont photographers to cover the event, check out Browse through the list of Vermont photographers mentioned here, and you are likely to find yourself a good, professional one.

Best Wedding Venues in Cambridge Vermont

The Barn at Boyden Farm

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