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Irrespective of how many times you end up visiting any town in Vermont, one thing is for sure: you will get blown away by the beauty of the towns in Vermont every single time. Chittenden, Vermont has some good options for you to make use of to have a good time here.
Here are some of our recommendations that you can go through for inspiration.
Vermont is famous for its wonderful farms. One such farm that you must make a point of visiting when in Chittenden, Vermont is the Baird Farm. This is a real maple farm, so if you want to taste some heavenly, authentic maple syrup, you will not get a better opportunity to do anywhere else other than the Baird Farm. The people running the place are running the farm meticulously. Expect to see some cows on the farm, too! Do not forget to take some maple syrup for home. 
The towns in Vermont allow you to witness nature at its best. If you are a nature enthusiast, then on your trip to Chittenden, you must not miss the chance to visit the breathtaking Chittenden Mill Falls. The beautiful scenery that this place has to offer like we said will take your breath away. Spend your time exploring the brook. Hike all your way down to the waterfall and feel refreshed at all the fresh water kissing your feet. We recommend taking your shoes off!

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A good option for the entire family to consider when at Chittenden, Vermont is the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center. The place is great for beginners and pros at rock climbing, alike. The staff is super helpful and attentive in showing you the ropes on how rock climbing is done if you don't already know it.  The best part about this place other than its affordable rates is that they have different rock climbing walls for different levels. From beginners to experts, there is something for everyone at the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center.
If you are still looking for another adventurous activity to do when at Chittenden, Vermont then perhaps Vermont River Tubing will do the trick. Simply rent out a tube from the place and explore the river. The staff at the Vermont River Tubing is super friendly so do not hesitate in asking for something that you need, be it directions or tubing gear.
With so many fun things to do at Chittenden, Vermont you will hardly notice where all the time went. If you are at Chittenden to attend a wedding and are looking for great Vermont photographers, check out We have a huge list of some of the best Vermont wedding photographers which you can browse. You will find a couple of options that you can consider and select one which fits best with your need and budget.

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