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What is a state without its capital city? I am very excited to be offering my photography services in Vermont’s political hub, Montpelier and the surrounding areas. In the city’s small metropolitan sprawl there are numerous opportunities for historical/political education, engagement with the bountiful artistic community, delicious and diverse dining experiences, and playful locally-owned shops (such as The Quirky Pet, a specialty pet store staffed by three friendly Bergamasco Sheepdogs – dreadlock dogs!). In the heart of downtown the magnificent State House captures history in action with its sprawling lawn, energetic buzz, and specialty features (the tiles of the State House are made of granite sourced from the bottom of Lake Champlain and have fossils throughout). Grab a coffee (and maybe a pastry, too) at Capital Grounds next door to the State House and people watch. 

Montpelier is also home to such educational and cultural hotspots as the Vermont College of the Fine Arts, New England Culinary Institute, The Vermont History Museum, T.W. Wood Gallery & Arts Center, and Kellogg-Hubbard Library. Although Montpelier has an urban (albeit Vermont urban) finish to it’s aesthetic, I know from experience that there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun, too. Some of my favorite hikes are located right around the Montpelier area, including quiet walks up to the tower at Hubbard park, strolls through The Mill Pond Park with my hubby, playful explorations of The North Branch Nature Center with my girls, and, if I’m feeling up to a challenge, Camel’s Hump (the second highest peak in Vermont) is only a short drive from the city center.A stop at Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks is a must-do whenever I’m in the area with my daughters; they offer the best maple creemee and have a pen of goats that’s very fun for kids and adults alike! Montpelier also offers some gorgeous inns and hotels, such as Capital Plaza Hotel (mere steps from the State House), High Hill Inn, and Inn at Montpelier. 

The city is also a gastronomic hub and one of my favorite areas to dine in in Vermont. Some of my favorites (it’s a very long list) include: Sarducci’s (this place is famous throughout Vermont), Three Penny Taproom (for one of the widest selections of Vermont craft beer), J. Morgan’s Steakhouse, Kismet, The Skinny Pancake (another Vermont classic), or Down Home Kitchen (a new and delicious addition to Montpelier’s foodie scene). One of the things I love the most about Montpelier is the ways in which it so seamlessly blends it’s history with it’s ever-modernizing culture. If you find yourself a part of this vibrant community or a visitor to the area seeking photography services please reach out!I look forward to helping you create the wedding or engagement shoot of your dreams!

The capital of Vermont is the perfect places to visit if you want a tranquil adventure full of history. Beautiful landscapes, beautiful sceneries, great food, wine, and plenty of nature. These are just some of the perks of visiting a town Montpelier, Vermont.  If you are looking to reconnect with nature, head to Montpelier.  Here are some things that you must see and do.
For those who love hiking, Camel’s Hump is the ultimate place to go. The trails are never ending; they extend from Montpelier all the way to Duxbury. The views that you get to see along the trails of Camel Hump will leave you wishing the trails were even longer. During the winter months, the trails double up as the perfect places to cross country ski,
Montpelier is known for its Maple Syrup as well. To taste some maple goodness, head over to Bragg Farm Sugar House. It is a family owned and operated business. If you happen to be at the farm during peak seasons, you might even get a chance to catch the screening of some of the videos they show on how maple syrup is produced. Be sure to check out the gift shop. The maple candles taste heavenly.
Theatre lovers should not miss going to Lost Nation Theatre. If you are in Montpelier and they have a live show, be sure to buy yourself a ticket. You will be thoroughly impressed with the actors and the atmosphere of the theater in general.
Hubbard Park is another place for those who are more interested in nature. Expect to see plenty of runners making their regular runs and dog walkers hustling around with their dogs. The trails are the secondary part of the Hubbard Park; primarily this place is known for an observation tower that has been a part of the park for over a hundred years. There is a steep stone edifice as well.
Vermont State House is also worth checking out. The building itself is huge and has a very grand vibe to it. The lawns of the Vermont State House are even better! Well maintained and super vibrant; these gardens make perfect backgrounds for your pictures.
If you are visiting Vermont and its towns for an upcoming event for which you still have not booked a Vermont photographer, feel free to check out my Vermont wedding portfolio.

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