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As a well-practiced Vermont photographer, I recognize that there is often something special we overlook when we strive towards the most exciting moments, places, and people. There is grace in solitude, tenderness in quiet preparations, and the unspeakable in knowing looks. This practice of seeing beyond what is right before us, of appreciating the in-betweens, is why I love offering my photography services in places like Pittsfield. 

Pittsfield is one of those slumbering towns nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains that has incredible natural beauty and, beyond that, so much else to offer. With the Tweed River running through its verdant pastures, Pittsfield is picturesque in every way. 

One of my favorite wedding locations in Vermont is actually right in Pittsfield: the Riverside Farm. Here, there is sweeping farm grounds, rustic architecture, and modern, stunning interiors. Pittsfield is also home to the Fleur De Lis Lodge, an old Farmhouse that was remodeled in 1960 to be the hospitable space it is today as well as Casa Bella Inn & Restaurant (classic B&B), Amee Farm (rustic, upscale, and beautiful), and the Swiss Farm Inn. Like most everywhere else in Vermont, Pittsfield is a nature-lovers dream with awesome hiking and biking at Green Mountain Trails, outdoor adventures through Killington Mountain Guides, and kayak rentals through Kayak King. If you ever find yourself in the area, check out the Original General Store (for snacks and lunch), The Backroom (an coursed dining experience), Clear River Tavern, or Picarello’s Pizza for some awesome eats. As you begin to plan your special events (or just commemorate the everyday), feel free to reach out  and explore my online portfolio. I would love to work with you to capture the obvious and the underrated throughout your most special moments! 

Pittsfield Vermont Wedding Locations

The Riverside Farm

Amee Farm

Swiss Farm Inn

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