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Post Mills is one of those quiet New England communities (located in Thetford, Vermont) where things move at a different pace and days are governed by the laws of rural life. A short drive may be thirty minutes long. The interiors of porch roofs are painted light blue to shoo away spiders. Neighbors know one another. And communities exist, overlap, and support each other. These rhythms of human, everday life are of particular interest to me, particularly as a Vermont Wedding Photographer. I am entranced and inspired by the history and commonalities of places. 

Post Mills was originally named after Eldad Post who is said to have passed along his gristmill and saw mill to his sons in 1782, contributing to a tradition of manufacturing and economic growth in the area. Following Eldad Post’s contributions, the town has seen a linseed oil mill, a fishing rod factory, a furniture making shop, and a blacksmith in its time. 

Today, Post Mills is home to theVermontasaurus, a 25-foot tall, 122-foot long wooden statue of a dinosaur. Another great activity in Post Mills for adults and kids alike is an integrated arts show from the puppet theatre group, The Puppetree, Inc.. The Post Mills Soaring Club for its classes, airspace, and museum is also a favorite destination in the area. Not too far from Post Mills are a host of great lodging and dining options, such as The Lyme Inn, Thai Orchid, Middlebrook Restaurant, Fresco Deli, Wicked Awesome BBQ, and Isabell’s Café. If you’re looking to slow down, to celebrate, or simply to create some new memories, feel free to reach out. I am always happy to serve Vermont’s small communities and all of their visitors!

Post Mills Vermont Wedding Locations

Lake Morey Resort

Ohana Family Camp

Aloha Hive

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