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As a Vermont Wedding Photographer, I cherish the beauty of the every day. I find that the little things that often go unnoticed throughout our lives are rich with poetry, something that is especially true for lovers and also for Vermont. Randolph is a great example of daily poetics. As the largest town in Orange Country, Vermont, Randolph serves as a commercial center for many rural communities in the surrounding area. The White River Flows through town in two sections, powering historic water mills. The area also has a rich pastoral history, being well known for its fine butter, cheese, and mutton. It has been the backdrop for films, such as The Offenders and Insinuation

This historic town has embraced Vermont’s modern ideals by placing an emphasis on education. It is home to Vermont Technical College. As a historically pastoral community many of the restaurants in the area offer classic New England meals. Some of the best stops include Vermont Maple BBQ, One Main Tap and Grill, Black Krim Tavern, and Three Beans Café. Randolph is home to Three Stallions Inn and Energy Rising Bed & Breakfast, two awesome lodging options. It is also such a treat to experience the Randolph Farmer’s Market. Here, the community comes together and exhibits all of it wonderful creations. No matter what brings you to Randolph, whether it is a place you call home or a weekend getaway, the charm of the place and people here are sure to enchant!

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