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As a modern Vermont wedding photographer, I believe it is necessary to grasp the nature of a place, its shapes, history, and people, to properly capture the essence of moments experienced there. I make a point of knowing the places I work, the people that live there, and engaging with all that exists in that place. Set in a quiet, picturesque corner of Vermont, Rochester spans 36,000 acres predominantly composed of The Green Mountain National Forest and Riley Bostwick Wildlife Management Area. The White River gently flows through town, creating a center of sorts for the community. 

Surrounding the peaceful river valley are segments of the Green Mountains: Mt. Horrid, The Long Trail near Mt. Cushman, and Philadelphia Peak (the highest peak in the area). Here, there is abundant hiking, boating, biking, golfing (at the White River Golf Club), trail running, and outdoor fun of all sorts to be had! There is also a beautiful town center with small shops. Nearby, two classic Vermont hotels can be found: The Pumpkin Patch and Liberty Hill Farm Inn. Rochester’s population is largely composed of artists, writers, and teachers, which is evidenced in their galleries and cultural spots, such as Big Town Gallery. 

There are also tons of great spots to grab a bite or enjoy a leisurely meal, my favorites are Sandy’s Books & Bakery, The Huntington House Inn,School Street Bistro, and Rochester Café (for a great breakfast). Rochester is one of those places that remains with you long after your departure, a place for peaceful reflection, creation, and community. If you are seeking photography services in the area, I would be more than happy to work with you and discover how you (or your event/wedding) fit into the space in Rochester!

I love Vermont Wedding Photography.  It is a beautiful place to live and work.  Call me today to set up a consultation for your wedding, event or portrait.

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