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Beautiful and verdant are perhaps the first two words that come to mind to describe a town in Vermont.  South Woodstock deserves a special mention of one of Vermont's most beautiful. Technically speaking, South Woodstock is a village in the city of Woodstock with some of the friendliest people you would want to meet.

Billings Farm and Museum

If you happen to visit South Woodstock, you are in for a splendid time, especially if you are somebody looking for a taste of the rustic life while taking in some breathtaking views. There are plenty of places in Woodstock that give you a sense of the rural ways of the of the past. One such place is the Billings Farm and Museum.

There is always something happening at this location which will peak the interest of both the young and old. If you are interested in getting yourself acquainted with the history of dairy farming, or farming in general, they have plenty of informative films running in the downtown cinema. On Tuesdays, the farm has a “Time Travel Tuesday” event where they host fun activities that the people of the past used to be fond of doing like, quilting.

They give you short, lecture about the activity you’d be doing at Time Travel Tuesday, so you can understand its historical significance. The kids will love the fact that you can spend some time with the farm animals, and they might even get a chance to milk a cow! They have tables set alongside the farm; which is the perfect place for a picnic. All in all, this place is a fun place to be with the family. Do not forget to visit their museum in the main building!

Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park

Stepping outside the world of farming, another place to visit during your stay in South Woodstock is the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park. A perfect place for the nature enthusiast or Vermont photographer. It has plenty of beautiful sceneries for you to take in.  Make sure to take your camera to photograph the surroundings! Remember to put on the most comfortable pair of shoes you own because you will be in for quite a bit of walking.

Vermont’s only national park also offers two tours of the vicinity; the first one lasts only 30 minutes and is free, or you can pay a guide to provide you with a more “in-depth” experience, which lasts for an hour. The Historical Park also has great walking trails. You can also see a documentary film featuring the life and times of the earliest of conservationists. The park is exceptionally well kept and maintained. Maybe a great spot for an outdoor wedding in Vermont.

Suicide Six Ski Resort

If you happen to visit Woodstock during the winters, check out Suicide Six; a small ski area but one that still offers tons of fun. It is a perfect skiing area for families with kids who have just started trying their luck at skiing. Since the slopes are not too crowded, they can practice safely. 

Clearly, there is a lot to do when visiting South Woodstock, Vermont.  If planning someone’s wedding is one of the reasons why you are here, consider hiring me to be your Vermont wedding photographer.

South Woodstock Wedding Locations

Roseland Cottage Gardens and Carriage House

The Inn at Woodstock Hill

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