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If you are in the Waitsfield area and seeking wedding photography, portrait, or event photography services, please consider the ample examples of my work available throughout the website. I have worked all around the world, but am drawn again and again back to Vermont (my home state). There is something special about working within the communities here to capture special moments. Located in the heart of the Mad River Valley, Waitsfield holds a special place in my heart. I have spent many a weekend in the area skiing, hiking, or cycling with my family. And when we are worn out by the day’s activities, we have visited the galleries, live music venues, and artisanal studios (such as The Naked Potter, Luminosity Studios, and Blacknewt Scultpture Studio amongst others). 

It is so important to me as a Wedding Photographer to inform my girls about the arts at large and have them be active members of the artistic community here in Vermont. Waitsfield also offers a number of excellent venues for weddings or other events. My favorites include: The Skinner Barn, The Farm on Mad River (located on breathtaking grounds), and the Inn at Round Barn Farm. Aside from these more conventional locales there are also great outdoor spaces, such as the Flemer Field Community Green, Scrag Mountain Forest, and Wu Ledges Forest. Please peruse my website, enjoy my work, and consider me for any of your special photography needs!

Vermont Wedding Photographer

Vermont and its towns are known for their verdant beauty. And Waitsfield by no means is an exception to this rule. Located in the Washington County, Vermont, this town is small in size but still manages to keep its tourists busy by offering them a host of things to do to help them fall a little in love with it. 
The first and foremost thing to do when visiting Waitsfield is to head straight over to Mad River Glen. The best part about this place is that irrespective of what the current season is, Mad River Glen is a fun place to be at all year round. In summers, you will not be able to think of a better place to hike at. In winters, you will not be able to think of a better place to ski. Easy to moderate hikes, easy to moderate ski slopes, if you like to spend time getting some exercise while being one with nature, you really must visit this place.
Waitsfield has a great selection of cafes too, and one café, in particular, stands out for us which we think everyone should visit. Especially if they like pancakes, cakes and donuts! We are talking about The Big Picture Theatre & Café. Known for their delicious and lip smacking desserts, the place offers more than just delicious food. Since the café is attached to a local theater, you can even catch a movie and later feast on their cooked-to-perfection ravioli. What makes this café in particular stand out for us? Well, do you know of any other café that allows its customers to take their food – we are talking proper food like burgers and pasta – into their movie theaters? 

The Big Picture does.
If you are the kind of person who wants to spend time in nature, but doing something other than hiking, then might we suggest going for a dip in the beautiful Mad River? Plenty of swim holes for you to swim about. Some of them also allow you to bring your dog along with you for a swim. Sweet! However, the policy may differ from which area in Mad River you are swimming at. Certain areas have a strict no dog policy. Even if you are not particularly into spending time in the water, just visit Mad River itself. The views are breathtaking, and you will be glad that you came.
And when you are done visiting the river, consider heading over to the Mad River Gallery, especially if you are into collecting beautiful glass items. The ones at the gallery will make you do a double-take at how amazing can the intricate world of glass art can be!
As you can see, there is plenty to do at Waitsfield, Vermont to keep you busy. If attending a friend’s wedding is why you are in this city, and you are looking for a professional Vermont wedding photographer please contact Amy Bennett Photography.

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