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I’m very excited to be offering the residents of Warren, Vermont my photography services, including wedding photography, portraits, engagement shoots, and event photography. Located in the Mad River Valley, a truly unique and breathtaking area, Warren is such a great place to live, to visit, and to work. With its close proximity to Sugarbush and Mad River Glen resorts, there is an abundance of fun to be had, never mind the countless hiking trails (Mount Abraham and Mount Ellen are both awesome!) and cycling routes available throughout the countryside. I also always enjoy heading over with my family to Bridges Family Resort for tennis (it is rated amongst the top 10 U.S. tennis resorts by Tennis Magazine and it’s clear why!). My two favorite restaurants in the area are Hogan’s Pub (up at the Sugarbush Golf Course) and The Common Man (Seasonal American cuisine). As for weddings there are a number of inns and resorts that range from charmingly rural to luxurious. Of those I’ve visited for both work and pleasure, my favorites are the Mad River Barn and Pitcher Inn, as well as, the resorts. As a backdrop for any special event or photography shoot, Warren offers the quintessential Vermont experience. 

The towns in Vermont are the place to be for every nature lover. With plenty of dramatic scenes to take your breath away, lots of museums to soak in some art, and amazing hills to ski and hike, Vermont and its towns offer a lot to keep you busy during your stay here. And Warren does not disappoint in this regard either.
If you happen to visit Warren during the winters, the ultimate place to start your trip from is Sugarbush Mountain Ski Resort. It is the perfect place to have the ultimate skiing experience. What if you are visiting Warren during the summers? The resort also has an equally impressive golf course where you can spend your summer holidays polishing up your golfing skills. The suites of the resort are also excellent.
Speaking of things to do at Warren during the summers, how about some swimming? Warren Falls has some of the best swimming holes. Taking a dip in the crystal clear waters during a hot summer day would be a perfect thing to do. The holes are 6-10 feet deep, so they are also perfect to jump in as well. Swim your day away, and alternatively, you may just wade in the waters as well and have a good time.
Next, head over to Mad River Distillers to have some of the tastiest rye whiskey of your life. The distillery makes all their products from local products so if you are looking to have some taste of Warren in general, do give this place a visit. Their tastings are not free, but still affordable. Wine is not the only thing you can taste at, how about getting some dairy goodness in there as well?
Three Shepherds Farm is another place that you must visit during your stay in Warren. Are local dairies making local cheese? You know it is going to be good. What’s more is that the Three Shepherds Farm also hosts classes where you can learn how to make cheese the Three Shepherd Way. Taste some cheese, buy some cheese and then learn to make some of your own too so you never run out of cheese, ever.
Another place that you must visit in Warren is the Warren Store. Not only does this place have everything that you may want for your hiking or skiing trip, but it also offers great food. So if you feel like catching a bite in a charming little place, The Warren Store is the place to be. Their sandwiches, in particular, are pretty famous, and they brew excellent coffee as well! They also offer other healthy snacks. Do not miss this place.
As you can see, there is plenty to do at Warren, Vermont to keep you busy. If attending a friend’s wedding is why you are in this town, and you are looking for a professional Vermont wedding photographer, make sure to check out my pricing page.

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