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As a Vermont wedding photographer, I understand passion.  I witness it, I photograph it, and mostly, I feel it.   Perhaps this is why I immediately connected with Tessa Holmes, owner of Blossom Whole Food Kitchen and Catering in Winooski, Vermont.  I quickly found that, much like myself, Tessa is one of those fortunate souls who has identified her life purpose: “I love food, and I love how food brings people together.  At the end of the day, I just want to do good work and nourish people.  I know how to cook, and that’s the best way that I know to give back to the world.”

I had the pleasure of visiting Blossom for lunch one sunny spring day.  Located at 25 Falls Way, right off the Winooski Circle, Blossom is truly, well, blossoming! The vibe of this light and airy café is that of home.  From the long, family-style table to the uniquely mismatched flatware, one can’t help but feel that you are walking into your (very stylish) great aunt’s home.   Holmes’ artistic side extends beyond her food, as the café is adorned with several of her personal touches.  From the hanging lights to the tea station, even the artwork on the wall was hand-painted by hers truly!

Plants and flowers encompass much of the physical space at Blossom, and that makes sense.  While Tessa loves her current spot and the customers who frequent her spot, her real fantasy is to find a fabulous location somewhere in the woods where she can host family-style dinners surrounded by nature.  The integration of food, nature, and community is truly what excites Tessa.   Her experiences of cooking for a healing arts institute, an outdoor recreation and retreat center, and a private school, have paved the path that has led her to her current venture.

As a Vermont photographer, I cross paths with catering businesses on a regular basis.  What sets Blossom apart is Tessa’s passion for not only cooking wholesome and nourishing food but also for creating experiences around that food.  She incorporates as much as she can from local farms, utilizing whole, organic-based food whenever possible.  Blossom is so much more than another farm-to-table restaurant though.  Described as ethnically-inspired comfort food, Tessa gets her inspiration and flavor combinations from around the world.  As a self-proclaimed vegetarian, Tessa wants people to know that healthy food can also be delicious.   I can attest to that!  On the afternoon that I visited, I had the pleasure of sampling the spicy beef rolls with sriracha aioli, the yellow Thai curry bowl, and the rice bowl.   I’ve heard that food prepared with love tastes better.  While I can’t say for certain that love was the added factor that made Tessa’s food taste so amazing, I can tell you it’s been a very long time since lunch tasted so good!

While Blossom is skilled with weddings, their real specialty is creating an experience around food through family-style catering. As such, Blossom is a fantastic choice a rehearsal dinner or day-after brunch.  Whether in their space or yours, Blossom will work with you to create the perfect menu for you and your guests.