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“A eureka moment doesn’t just happen. Many different roads all of a sudden converge.” ~ Gabrielle Kammerer

If there is anyone who knows how to turn a dream into a reality, it is Gabrielle Kammerer.  In 2011, after listening to romanticized tales of picking lush strawberries and eating local organic food as told by a friend, Gabrielle purchased a one-way ticket to Vermont.  With barely a dollar in her pocket, she heard the calling of her dream and had to follow it.  And follow it she did.  This upcoming June 1st marks the 5-year anniversary of TomGirl Juice.  If you’ve ever met Gabrielle, you know that this dream is just getting started.

TomGirl Juice, located at 463 Saint Paul Street in the hip South End of Burlington, is not just another organic juice company. With music pumping and people happily cutting vegetables and blending nut milk, this funky, colorful shop oozes energy right through the glass-front store windows.  That is exactly the vibe that Gabrielle is going for.  “It’s very important that good energy goes into the drinks that we make and that we are having fun doing it.”

I had the pleasure of visiting TomGirl Juice one recent sunny day.  While it was my intention to learn more about how TomGirl juices could be incorporated into the Vermont wedding planning process, I walked out with a plethora of knowledge about nutrition, well-being, and health. This business visit quickly turned into an afternoon of colorful indulgence for myself.  As I blissfully sipped on my pink Rosey Almond Milk (actually made with real rose petals!), I listened to Gabrielle tell me that she wanted the consumption of her juices to always feel like a special occasion.

As a soon-to-be bride herself, Gabrielle had much to share about the role that juicing can play in preparation for the big day.  “What juice can accomplish that many other diets cannot is that it can actually cleanse the cell.”  The cells of our body do an amazing job of holding onto waste that is often a result of overindulgence and stress.  This acidic waste lingers and stays protected in our fat cells.  Juices, however, are very alkaline.  They have the ability to penetrate the cell wall and reduce the acidity, which in turn allows the body to release this toxic acid waste.  While weight loss is often a welcomed side-effect for many people, it’s truly the healthy skin glow that Gabrielle is most excited to help provide.

TomGirl has customized many juice cleanses for brides (and grooms)-to-be.   While a 3-day consecutive cleanse is the most popular, Gabrielle works with individuals to create a cleanse that best works with one’s lifestyle and schedule.  For example, it is entirely possible to cleanse one day a week for five weeks.  TomGirl will work with clients to ensure a successful entry and exit of whatever cleanse they choose.

In addition to cleanses, TomGirl has contributed to many wedding festivities as well.  Fresh juices, such as the Habanero Maple Limeade, make an excellent base for wedding cocktails.  Gabrielle has worked with couples to customize a signature drink for their special day.  She has also provided juices for bridal showers, bridal party spa excursions, and post-wedding brunches.  As TomGirl Juice is all about the thoughtful consumption of color and fragrance, your guests will be in for an authentic sensory experience.

TomGirl is going places.  As a brand that believes in community, color, happiness, music and laughter, Gabrielle has big plans for the future.  Currently, TomGirl is in the development phases of a new natural nail polish collection.  Working closely with a local artist, as well as with Alice and the Magician, Gabrielle hopes to capitalize on color and aroma for her new venture.

As we were wrapping up our conversation, Gabrielle left me with this gem: “If you want to follow your dream, you first have to identify it.  If your dream wants to move, you have to follow it.  If your dream wants to climb a tree, you climb that tree with it. If your dream gets stuck in the rain, you stay in the rain with your dream. If your dream wants to run, you run”.   I don’t know where Gabrielle gets all of her inspiration, but I’ll start with a juice please!