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Amy Bennett is a portrait photographer, specializing in beautiful, authentic photographs of high school seniors and families.

Kids grow up so fast. They change so much every year, sometimes exponentially. And they’ll keep growing and changing after they graduate and move on to their adult life. This is just one reason why I love taking senior portraits. As a mother myself, I love to do as many photoshoots with my daughters as they’ll let me because I love to capture the moments in time as they get older.

Photos That Your Senior Will Love

Whether they like being in front of a camera or not, seniors are often motivated to take senior photos in order to have their picture in their school’s yearbook. At some schools, they recommend a photography studio that specializes in senior photographs. Studios that partner with schools tend to get a lot of business, but they are often pricier and the resulting photographs tend to be underwhelming. Of course, parents are going to love any portrait of their kids, but when your child is going to spend up to two hours being photographed in order to get one photo for the yearbook, it’s best if they love all of the photos too.

My goal as a portrait photographer is to capture a person’s authentic self. I work with my clients to make them as comfortable in front of the camera as possible in order to ensure that their photos aren’t stiff. I also love to capture the natural beauty of kids and teenagers and think that over-photoshopping their photos does a disservice to them and the memories they will have of this time in their lives.

I do not charge extra to include a few pictures of the senior with their parents or with their dog or other pet. In fact, I encourage seniors to take advantage of this photoshoot and use it as an opportunity to capture some shots of them with their parents (because, come on, that’s who these pictures are really for, right?). And I always love to photograph well-behaved pets.

But don’t just take my word for it!

“Amy took my daughter’s senior year pictures and they were absolutely beautiful!! In a two hour period Amy took hundreds of pictures, with her husband David assisting, that captured my daughter’s beauty and essence .... WOW we still cannot choose our favorites there are so many lovely ones. Nice to know that we will always have these professional photos to enjoy of our daughter when she was 18 years old!! .... Thank you Amy!!”

-- Liz DesLauriers

Locations for Senior Portraits

I love living in Vermont and enjoy the opportunity to take portraits of Vermont high school seniors when I am not photographing a wedding! There are so many great locations for senior portraits in Vermont. A great senior photo location is least two of these three things: full of beautiful scenery and backdrops, meaningful to the student and/or their family, and timeless.

Creating timeless portraits is always one of my photography goals because the point of taking pictures during the pivotal moments or times of transition in our lives is to look back and remember them. When we look back on photographs of ourselves, it’s easy to get caught up in the ridiculousness of the location or the goofy clothes we were wearing and overlook the emotion on our young faces. Remembering the emotion of the time is just as important as remembering the time itself.

When it comes to meaningful places to take your senior portraits, I recommend considering taking photos at your home or somewhere that your family has spent a lot of time over the years. Taking photos at home gives me a great opportunity to snap some photos of the senior with their parents, without it being necessary for both parents to be present for the whole shoot. If you are from out of state, but you have a vacation home or family living in Vermont, consider taking your senior pictures in Vermont. This is also a great thing to consider if you grew up in Vermont but no longer live here or if you just have a fondness for the mountains and landscapes.

Of course, Vermont has no shortage of beautiful scenery to serve as the backdrop for your senior portraits. I love to take portraits outside, especially in the summer, because the natural light highlights a person’s features so well. Kids in Vermont tend to be outdoorsy, so this is a win-win. Incorporate your personality into your photos by choosing a beautiful Vermont location that is meaningful to you. I invite the student to make their senior portrait shoot their own and to treat it as if it is their own photoshoot, because it is. We can take portraits at your favorite ski mountain, park, or lakeside spot. We can do portraits on or near your favorite hiking trail.

What To Wear For Your Senior Portraits

I recommend that seniors choose one or two different outfits for their senior portraits. It’s always great to have casual pictures of you in your favorite clothes to look back on. At the same time, it can be very useful to have more dressy, professional photos to use for LinkedIn or social media, especially if you are trying to project yourself as a hard-working, professional student in order to attract colleges.

My goal is for you to see yourself when you receive your senior portraits. I want you to see the best version of yourself; the you that is comfortable, charismatic, and confident.

One of the best ways to project confidence in photos is to wear something that you feel you look good in. If you’re smiling when you look in the mirror, you’ll be smiling in front of the camera.

If you wear makeup, considering opting for a lighter look than you might normally wear to school. Dark eye makeup or lipstick can look out of place in an outdoor setting, especially in the summer which is the time most students take their senior photos. This will also help your senior photos to turn out classic and timeless, since makeup trends come and go and your beautiful face is already perfect the way it is.

Students don’t always agree with their parents on which outfit or type of outfit looks best on them, which is one reason why we do multiple outfits. Your favorite photos will probably be different from your parents’ favorite photos, but ultimately everyone ends up happy.

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