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My Writer, Abby Lane

Abby writes and edits many of the new articles and sections on this website and works with Amy to share her ideas and experience with clients and potential clients. Last spring, they developed an in-depth Wedding Photography Guide and currently they are creating content for the website on how to make wedding photography (and weddings themselves!) easier and better for wedding photography clients.

Abby graduated Champlain College in May 2018 with a degree in professional writing. Before that, she worked for Amy Bennett Photography as an SEO intern and subsequently as a writing and editorial assistant. Since then, she has continued to assist Amy part-time with her writing and website ventures.

Looking for a writer, editor, or someone who can expertly assist you with your website word needs? Contact Abby at abbycoralane@gmail.com or visit her website here.

I cannot recommend her enough--her talent and content production skills are killer and since she started working for me, she has continuously motivated me to keep sharing my knowledge with clients and not to quit when SEO seems like a never-ending cycle of torture.

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