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SETTING: Flora Farms in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

CAST: Katie, Blaine, their friends, their families, Amy, caterers, various other wedding crews.

BACKGROUND:  Katie and Blaine fell madly in love in their home state Texas and have traveled with their closest friends and families to celebrate their love in beautiful San Jose.

            With an herb garden amphitheater, lakeside lawn, hilltop alter and various private farms and gardens, Flora Farms seems likes the oasis in the desert. Within the resort, the staff is ready and willing to plan every special event to the guests liking; which is perfect for celebrating a wedding.

            A wedding is just like a film: everything is meticulously thought out and executed, everyone has a role to play, and there is always tons of food. For this ceremony, I played director and cameraman as I represented Katie and Blaine with their planning to make sure everything was the way they wanted. They were the producers to their own film, and I was there to help them make sure their film was what they wanted. Which is why it makes perfect sense that Katie and Blaine adopted the latest wedding trend for their special day: Hollywood cast chairs. But with it, the doting couple ended up collecting some movie magic that made their wedding, and photos, mind-blowingly, stunning. 

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