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Jessica spent her morning at the Mountain Top Inn and Resort getting ready for her wedding in the scenic Green Mountains. She put on her makeup, fixed up her hair, and dressed herself with her very own wedding dress. The gown was tailored to bring out her best features, and made her look stunning as she walked down the aisle. And like many brides before her, Jessica met Paul at the aisle wearing a white dress.

The white gown has grown to be one of the largest symbols of a wedding and it is uncommon for a bride to wear any other color. However, the color white didn’t become popular for wedding dresses until Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert where she wore a white gown trimmed with Honiton lace. Before that, brides would wear any color they wanted, with black being especially popular in Scandinavia. Although because a majority of brides were not from wealthy families, many of these dress were made from muted colors as it was easier to make.

White may be the choice color for a wedding dress now, but more and more brides are choosing to wear other colors on their special day. But for Jessica, it looks like the traditional wedding white was the best choice to have her look her best for this very special day.

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