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This photo was taken at Esperanza resort in Cabo San Lucas. It is a picture of a bridesmaid holding her beautiful wedding bouquet. The bride thought very carefully about the colors of the bridesmaids dresses and how they would coincide with the bouquet. I love the photo of the bouquet, and it is a picture that I take at every wedding. It always makes it into the final wedding album.
A bride always needs to think about her colors and making sure that not only the bridesmaid dresses go with the marriage dress, but the flowers look fantastic with the dresses. The flowers are an excellent reflection of the type of bride that she is, which could be modern, rustic, Bohemian, laid-back, or formal. The flowers in the wedding show off the artistic side of the wedding day.
I like how in this photo the bridesmaids ruffles on her skirt make a neat backdrop for the beautiful flowers.

The young woman in the picture was the bride's best friend. She was incredibly helpful to the bride that day, and I noticed the love between the two of them. They spent the morning having fun and getting ready and drinking champagne and celebrating the wedding day. I like the choice of color of the bridesmaids dresses. I like muted tones.

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