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Planning your Engagement Session

Important Questions to Ask yourself when Planning your Engagement Session

A Vermont engagement session can be one of the most important photography decisions you make ahead of your big day.

Private portrait sessions like these allow you to get comfortable with your photographer as you learn how to work together before the main event. We can learn each other’s preferences and build up a good back-and-forth so that everything runs smoothly on the day of the wedding.

Engagement session photos are way more casual than the wedding day photos.

You can create some fun images for your home—and for key wedding details! What better way to showcase the two of you than in pictures in your save-the-dates, sign-in book, thank you cards, invites, etc.? If we get a session scheduled early enough, you can use the images in just about everything!

So, once you’ve decided to book your engagement session, the next step is planning out the session itself. For that, I have a few questions that I like to ask my couples:

  • What are your favorite colors/color schemes?
  • What do you like to do together? Are there special places you like to go?
  • Are you a couple that dresses up or prefers to stay casual?
  • Describe your perfect engagement setting. (Are you a beach-loving couple? Urban-dwellers or nature-lovers, etc.)
  • Do you prefer more traditional or fun engagement shoots?
  • Would you be interested in using props (IE: Chalkboard with your wedding date, speech bubbles, balloons, lollipops, glass hearts and heart signs, large initials for your names, etc.)
  • Is there a special location you would like to go to? Are there any must-have photos you have in mind?
  • If you love fun photoshoots, would you be interested in a themed shoot?

As to that last question, if you’re interested in a themed shoot, I have a few ideas for that as well:

We could go on a lakeside picnic. Bring umbrellas, blankets, picnic baskets, etc., and be prepared to have fun in the sand and in your sunnies!

For a more rustic contemporary theme, we could find fields of tall grass or fresh flowers, or we could use props and mason jars with rustic furniture. On the other hand, for couples that love the city, we could explore the streets, find graffiti walls, sit on rustic benches, and simply poke around the big city for beautiful photo ops in the downtown area.

Book lovers might enjoy a session surrounded by old books and library cards or a shoot in a secondhand bookstore with great reading areas and props. And sports fanatics can dress up in their favorite jerseys, create a croquet or mini golf scene, shoot with surfboards on the beach, or even get in some in-game action shots!

Or maybe you’d just like to go out to a candy shop or an ice cream parlor to take pictures with cute scenery and candy props. It could be fun to pose with your favorite ice cream cone!

No matter what you decide to do with your engagement session, one thing is for sure: it’s yours.

You can make it your own, and you’ll be able to capture those memories of the two of you just being you for years to come!

Getting married or engaged in Vermont? Please feel free to contact me to chat more.

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