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Uses For Your Engagement Photos

Ideas for Using Your Engagement Photos

Using Your Engagement Photos

No one wants to take time out of their day to pose for photos that they'll never use. When couples are hesitant to do an engagement shoot, it's often because they don't know what they can do with their engagement photos (or because they think of these cringe-worthy photos when they hear the phrase engagement photography). Below are some of my favorite uses for engagement pictures. Hopefully they will be enough to convince you and your partner that you'll get enough use out of them!

1. Use them as the background for your save-the-dates! Websites like Minted allow you to upload your photo and design your invitations from there. This is probably the most common use for engagement photos--it's rare to get a save-the-date without a stunning photo of the newly engaged couple on it these days.

2. Send prints to your relatives. Remember how much your grandparents loved getting copies of your school photos every year when you were a kid? I guarantee they'll love getting a recent photo of you now just as much. Plus this could be your chance to get an updated photo of yourself on your aunts and uncles' fridges (and maybe they'll take down one of the ones from your awkward phase).

3. Frame your favorite one and hang it on the wall. If this is your first professional photoshoot as a couple, your engagement photos will probably be the best photos of the two of you in existence (not to mention the most recent), so why not put one up in your home?

4. Start your wedding album early. If you're the sentimental type, you will probably be just as sentimental about the period of time where you and your significant other were engaged and planning a wedding as you will be about your actual wedding day. Why not include some photos from your engagement shoot to start off your wedding album? This can be a fun distraction from some of the more stressful elements of wedding planning and your future kids and grandkids will be just as thrilled to see old photos of you on a normal day as they will be to see your wedding photos.

5. Use them for holiday or thank-you cards. You will probably need to send out a thank-you card or two for bridal shower or other pre-wedding gifts before your wedding day. These photos are great for that because they make your cards that much more personal. Engagement photos are also perfect for holiday cards because they are a great way to showcase your new little family to the world.

6. Inspire an art piece. The photo at the top of this page of Kim and Mike from their engagement shoot was one of their favorites, so Mike asked an artist friend to draw the photo and gave it to Kim as a gift on their wedding day. It was an absolutely magical wedding day moment.

7. Post them on social media. It's okay to brag a little. You're engaged and you're beautiful together. This is your time to shine on Instagram and wherever else you'd like.

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