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Touch | How do we pose for our photos?

Enhancing Your Wedding Photos Through Touch

The number one question my clients ask is “How do we pose for our photos?” The answer is simple: touch each other. Whether it is your love language or not, physical touch is the foundation for all of your wedding photos. It helps to showcase your connection with your spouse and to create the intimacy that makes your wedding day so special. 

Of course, intimate poses don’t come naturally to all couples so you may feel awkward or unsure about how to touch each other on camera. You may also be naturals at posing together, but you haven’t tried it enough yet. This is why some of the best advice I can give when it comes to posing is practice

The goal of the engagement session is to make you feel comfortable with me and in front of the camera, but it’s also a great chance to practice posing and learn how you fit together. If you have a significant height difference, you will need to be aware of how it affects your poses. 

If PDA isn’t your thing, you can still have intimate wedding photos. This is why we go off to a private area to take couples’ portraits on the wedding day. You don’t have to worry about having an audience during intimate moments like the first look or portrait session. At the same time, I would advise that you attempt to get more comfortable showing affection in front of your family and friends so that you don’t stress about it on the big day. 

Good wedding photos showcase an active connection. They are not stagnant or passive. Physical touch enhances the connection in your photos by making it look more active. 

Posing Tips:

Eye contact increases chemistry and makes couples more likely to smile at and laugh with each other. This is just as important as physical touch when it comes to showcasing your connection because it is how many people feel connected to their spouse. When you feel connected mentally and emotionally, the physical touches are bound to happen more naturally. 

(Megan and Joe photos)

Think about what’s happening in the moment and how much you’ve gone through to get to this day. Allow yourself to let your emotions influence your photos. The “can you believe we’re (finally) doing this” face is a good example of this. 

(Maggie and John photo)

Anticipate being together when you are apart before the wedding. This will increase your desire and lead to natural touching and togetherness. 

My Go-to Couple's Poses: 

Holding Hands

(Maggie and John photo)


(Maggie and John photo)

Lean Into Each Other

(Stu and Corinne photo)

Admire Each Other’s Outfits

(Stu and Corinne photo)

Lap Sit

(Don and Brittany photo)

Cheek Kiss

(Don and Brittany photo)


(David and Jessica photos)

Put Your Arms Around Each Other

(Stu and Corinne photo)

Practice Your first Dance

(Shelby and Aaron photos)

The Dip

(Bry and Nick photo)

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