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Vermont Wedding Photographer

Amy Bennett is a Vermont wedding photographer specializing in capturing moments and telling wedding stories through photos.

What Sets Me Apart

I love working with and photographing people. Weddings are my favorite to photograph because there is so much emotion to capture in people’s expressions, whether the photos are candid or posed. I pride myself in being unobtrusive while also being alert, energetic, and present for every important moment on your wedding day.

I work hard to make sure I take the best wedding photographs possible. Before read any more about me, make sure you check out my photos. If they look like the kind of wedding photographs that you can imagine yourself putting in an album or hanging on your wall, contact me.

Deciding who to hire as your wedding photographer is one of the biggest choices you will make in regards to your wedding. As your photographer, I will take your engagement photos, help you develop a shot list, talk with you about your emotionally valuable guests and how to create wedding moments, as well as recommend other vendors and wedding planning resources (if desired). Not to mention, I will be there for 8 hours on your wedding day, making me the person that you will spend the most time with on one of the most important days of your life.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure I’m the right fit to be your wedding photographer. If you are interested in hiring me, let’s set up a Skype call or in-person meeting to see how our personalities work together and start discussing your wedding day dreams.

Weddings in Vermont

I have experience photographing Vermont weddings of all shapes and sizes. I’ve photographed everything from DIY wedding celebrations to couples that spent months designing luxury weddings with event planners like Storied Events and Jaclyn Watson Events. I’ve photographed small, intimate weddings as well as weddings with hundreds of guests. I’m no stranger to the rustic barn weddings that Vermont is known for or the Vermont destination weddings where every guest stays at a ski resort.

No matter the type of Vermont wedding, the photos I take are timeless and classic. They celebrate the beautiful scenery that is bountiful at every Vermont wedding venue, but they focus on the couple that is the reason for the celebration.

Check out my favorite Vermont Wedding Venues.

Weddings in New England

I love traveling all across New England to shoot weddings for my beautiful clients. Since I primarily shoot weddings in Vermont, I may not have photographed at your wedding venue if it’s located elsewhere in New England, but rest assured, I have experience with all of the different types of wedding venues. I have photographed dozens of beach and resort weddings. I have experience shooting at hotels, churches, barns, private estates, vineyards, and country clubs. I am confident that I could shoot a wedding at any venue and deliver photographs that the couple will treasure for the years to come.

No matter where you choose to have your New England wedding, if you hire me, I will take photographs that capture every critical moment and emotion of the day. I will deliver the candids that I know you want and capture the connection between you and your partner as well as the bonds between you and your best friends and family members.

Some of my favorite wedding venues across New England are: The Beauport Hotel, Gloucester, MA. The State Room, Boston, MA. The Endicott Estate, Dedham, MA. Blue Ocean Event Center, Salisbury, MA. Danversport, Danvers, MA. Zukas Hilltop Barn, Spencer, MA. The Mill on The River, South Windsor, CT. The Barns at Wesleyan Hills, Middletown, CT. The Margate Resort, Laconia, NH.

Descriptive Words

My love language is words of affirmation, so I love reading the reviews my clients write on Google and on social media. In doing this, I have come across some of the same descriptors over and over. Below you will find words that describe me as a wedding photographer and as a person. I have chosen descriptors from my clients and added a few more of my own to help you get a complete picture of who I am and how it feels to work with me.


I am highly motivated to be the best at whatever I do. My drive is what makes me a successful wedding photographer. I am always looking for ways to improve, both in my photography and in my interaction with clients. It is important to me to provide a quality product at a good value and to continue to strive to make that product better.

Many of my clients are high achievers and want their wedding day to be as successful as they are; I understand this mindset. As a result, I can help talk couples down when they are overwhelmed with the stress of trying to be perfect and I can also make recommendations on how to have your best wedding based on over a decade of wedding industry experience.


I am not a difficult wedding vendor to get ahold of, especially once you hire me. I make myself as available as possible to my clients because ultimately, I work for you. I welcome the opportunity to meet you in person or through Skype before your wedding day or even before you hire me to be your wedding photographer. If you live locally, I’m happy to grab a cup of coffee and talk about what you’re looking for in a wedding photographer.

I have a lot of information to share with my clients, especially my engaged couples. I love to act as a resource for my couples because I can help determine which information is going to be helpful to them and which sources are going to be better for them to avoid. These days, there is a lot of information out there; I want to help my clients save time and avoid stress by answering their questions and providing them with as much useful information as possible.


It’s difficult to describe my own personality and attitude, so I’ve pulled this one right from my Google reviews. Clients that love having me as their photographer don’t just love my photos, they respond to my personality, particularly my friendly attitude and my energy and motivation to make sure their wedding day (and their wedding photos!) is everything they want it to be. I can laugh through stressful situations and help couples and their parents realize that worrying about every little detail of the wedding day doesn’t do anyone any good.

I want to create such good relationships with my wedding clients that when they need a photographer for their next family event or to take portraits of their first baby, I am the person they call. I have had clients say that it felt like I was a part of their family by the end of their wedding day and others say that they gained a friend in Vermont by hiring me as their wedding photographer. It is important to me that my couples feel this comfort with me and my demeanor because they will be spending more time with me than with anyone else on their wedding day and I want them to enjoy it.


Photography is an inherently creative pursuit. I love talking to clients and editing their photos to make them exactly what they want, but my favorite part of this job is actually taking the photos. I love to play with light and shadow and shooting in front of the hundreds of gorgeous backdrops that Vermont wedding venues and Vermont engagement shoot locations have to offer. I love when my clients are creative and come prepared to their formal photoshoots with ideas of things to try.

Wedding photography is about capturing a moment in time, especially one that will be meaningful for the couple to remember in the years to come. Getting to do this as often as I do (pretty much every weekend from May to October) is an honor and it means the world to me.


I pride myself in my consistency as a professional photographer. Though no two weddings are the same, the photos that I deliver must fit the idea that a client has of me when they hire me. Though photography styles can evolve to fit the trends of the time, my aim is for my photos to feel classic and timeless. My photography has evolved over the last decade, but it never changes drastically to the point where clients need to be concerned about how their wedding photos will look different from the photos in my portfolio.

My photos do not look the same when I photograph a destination wedding as when I photograph a local Vermont wedding because the colors are so different (Vermont brings the green in the summer and blues and whites in the winter, whereas a destination wedding on a sandy beach tends to bring neutral and pastel colors). At the same time, every beach wedding I photograph is comparable to the next and every New England wedding can be compared to your New England wedding.


Any wedding photographer will tell you that their photography skills improve over time--both because they become more comfortable with working with wedding clients, dealing with “disaster” scenarios, and helping clients navigate formal photos with more difficult family members and because with photography, like with anything else, practice makes perfect. This means that the more weddings your photographer has shot, the better they will be. It’s not about the number of years that you put in, it’s about the number of photographs that you take.

I have been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years and have photographed more than 100 weddings. Rest assured, I do not take months at a time off from photography and through practice, I bring my A-game to every wedding. I am quick to jump at any opportunity to take my camera out and capture some photographs, whether it’s a photoshoot I do with my kids, taking photos at a florist convention, or taking senior or family portraits.


I am a mother of three, so when I don’t answer your phone call right away it’s because I’m at a soccer game or making snacks or on a ski lift. Spending time with my family is very important to me, so I try to set aside time to be present with them and not distracted by my job. (When you work from home, it can be easy to feel like you’re always working or you always should be working.)

Since I am a mother and since I am married, I have navigated my fair share of in-law drama, relationship milestones, and tantrums. Weddings and wedding planning can involve all three of these things and I am here to help you navigate and smile through them. Wedding planning can be stressful and it’s important to recognize that that stress is usually not limited to the engaged couple. Your parents, siblings, and extended family all have different stakes in your relationship and wedding that you may not even be aware of.

Not all wedding photographers know how to take group portraits that involve the children in the wedding party. I have a lot of professional experience photographing kids and am comfortable being the one to get them to look at the camera, so their mother doesn’t have to attempt to corral them while being photographed herself. I am also sensitive to your unique family situations; if you have parents who don’t speak to each other or any family members who won’t want to be photographed together, please let me know. We can work together to come up with a plan for the family formals that will leave everyone feeling comfortable and happy.


Many photographers are teachers of photographers who are just starting out in their professional careers. I am not. I do not pretend to be a photography expert and I have no interest in selling my knowledge to other photographers because the best way to become a better photographer is through practice. That being said, I love to teach my clients how to photograph well. Many people are uncomfortable in front of the camera and even those who are perfectly comfortable alone can have trouble posing with their partner.

It is one of my ultimate career goals to make information about photography accessible for photography clients. Too often, the couple does not realize how much they are responsible for when it comes to getting great photos on their wedding day. Couples that are excited to learn and willing to practice are an absolute dream.


I am a self-taught wedding photographer and I believe that there is always work to be done in order to make my photos the best they can be. I am always seeking out new books, articles, and podcasts to learn more about the craft of photography. I attend photography conferences whenever my schedule allows and I make a point to talk to other professionals in the wedding industry to get their unique perspectives on the job that I do and the process of executing a wedding. I am also into learning more about relationships and the ways that people express their love to one another. One of my favorite things to learn about over the last couple of years has been the 5 love languages. This idea that people feel loved and show love in five different ways has been helpful in my own life, as well as directly applicable to my work. Read about how the 5 love languages can have a part in your wedding here.


I love my job as a Vermont wedding photographer. Many photographers shoot weddings on the side to fund their real passion of fine art or landscape photography, but there is nothing I would rather be doing than photographing my clients’ special moments on their life-changing days. I have always been a portrait photographer at heart. As a teenager, I was a competitive ski racer. Training and races took me all over the world and I always brought my camera with me. My parents were always annoyed when I got the photos developed after the trips because there were never any photos of the gorgeous landscapes or the places we toured--just photos of a bunch of smiling, bratty ski racers in parking lots.

Now, as a wedding photographer, I get to capture portraits of couples, individuals, and families all on the same day. If I’m lucky, there will be a dog in the wedding party that I’ll be sure to include in as many photos as possible. People (and animals!) are my favorite subjects because their faces and emotions tell stories that you can’t get from just a landscape. No two photos of a person or couple are the same because there is always the underlying emotion, the tension or joy, the life in their faces.


I love my clients of all genders, ages, races, religions, and sexualities. I believe transparency is important when it comes to diversity in any industry. So I’ll be transparent: I haven’t photographed many gay weddings. This is not for a lack of interest on my part, it is simply because the couples that reach out to me tend to be heterosexual. I am making a sincere effort to attract same-sex couples to my website and to make the content I share with my couples as inclusive as possible. I am always open to hearing feedback from couples on how they feel this approach is working or not working. My portfolio also lacks diversity when it comes to non-white couples and the ceremonies are usually Christian or secular. I have photographed Asian and Latino brides and grooms as well as Jewish, Muslim, and combined faith weddings, but I recognize that in order to attract more diverse couples, I need to prove that I can photograph them well by diversifying my portfolio.


I describe my wedding photography style as portrait-journalism, which means I use images of people to tell stories. I like to start at the very beginning of a wedding day with “getting ready” portraits. These typically show the couple and wedding party getting their dresses, suits, and/or accessories on, as well as moments like gift-giving and sharing love notes. This part of the wedding day is usually hectic, but full of fun and love because brides and grooms tend to spend it with their best friends and closest family members.

From there we move on to the ceremony. I encourage my couples to slow down their ceremony and allow for moments of interaction with each other and with their guests. This allows for the photos to tell a more complete story of the ceremony than they would otherwise.

I also think it’s important for me to be at the reception to capture the classic moments like speeches, dances, and cake cutting, plus any unique traditions, moments, or decorations that you have at your celebration. I also make sure my clients are aware that if they’re having an open bar and an all-night party, they might not want some of the photos that result from that. It’s okay to have your photographer leave halfway through your reception; the pictures will tell the parts of the story that you want to remember.


Since I first started photographing weddings over ten years ago, I have become better and better at exceeding the expectations of my clients, my clients’ families, as well as wedding vendors and guests. Over the years, I have dealt with hundreds of different family situations, levels of wedding party drunkenness, and unpredictable weather patterns. I’ve photographed more than one groom who had fallen asleep in the sun the day before the wedding and, later, photoshopped out sunglasses tan lines. I’ve photographed guests and decorations while the bride took an unplanned nap upstairs. I’ve shot weddings where parents of the bride or groom did not speak, but the couple wanted a photo with both people. Nothing fazes me anymore. I’m happy to photograph any couple as long as they make their expectations clear ahead of their wedding day (and I would prefer if both people were polite to their vendors so I am motivated to make them look good).


I know it’s ironic to end a list of my good qualities by talking about my humility, so I’ll say two things right away. First, I believe it’s just as important to recognize your strengths as it is to recognize your weaknesses, especially as a business owner. Second, in every industry, there are people who believe that their job is the most important job and that everyone else’s work is secondary to their own. I understand how wedding photographers can feel like this; we spend the more time with the couple on their wedding day than any other individual. But I also recognize that putting together a great wedding is a team effort and that the couple is at the center of that team. I recognize that I work for you, the client, not for the florist or the wedding venue or for myself.

That being said, on your wedding day, there is no task that is “beneath” me as your wedding photographer. Yes I will bring the rings to the best man after I photograph them. Of course I will run and fetch the flowers from downstairs. If it will make your wedding day easier and it will make you happier, I am more than willing to do whatever you need me to do. I often become the person keeping the timeline of the day on track if there is no wedding coordinator to do so. And don’t worry, I always have an assistant with me that can help with some of these tasks when it is more important for me to be taking photos.

Wedding Photography as a Budget Consideration

Weddings are expensive. I’m sure if you’re searching for a wedding photographer, this is something you are already aware of. But as someone who witnesses dozens of weddings every year, I am confident in saying this: First, weddings of all budgets and sizes can be beautiful, meaningful, life-changing events. Second, a great professional wedding photographer is worth spending a little extra on because your photographer is the sole person (or one of two people, if you hire a videographer) responsible for capturing and preserving physical reminders of the memories of your wedding day.

Hiring an experienced wedding photographer will allow you to have happy memories of your wedding day because when you want to revisit the day, you will do so through beautiful, timeless photos. No matter how stressful wedding planning feels now, years after your wedding, you will remember only the emotions showcased in your wedding photos.

Professional wedding photographers also have the skill and experience to make any wedding look more expensive than it actually was. If you save money by deciding not to have flowers at the ceremony or reception site, save for the bride’s bouquet, your photographer can include the bouquet in various shots to make it look like there were flowers everywhere.

No matter what you spend on decorations and accessories, you can still have the wedding photos of your dreams--as long as you budget to have an experienced, professional photographer whose photos you absolutely love.

Remember, wedding photography is a lifelong investment. These are the photos that you will look back on on your anniversaries and that you will use as reminders of the strength of your love when you are in an argument. These are photos that you will hang on the walls of your house or put in an album to one day show your children and grandchildren.

If You’re Looking For A Photographer Who

  • will deliver hundreds of beautiful, edited wedding photographs that you will treasure for the rest of your lives together

  • creates timeless, classic images so that your future children and grandchildren will be able to appreciate the love in the photos instead of focusing the outdated style of photography and/or editing

  • is available to answer any and all questions you might have before your wedding day

  • wants you to get your money’s worth because she understands that weddings can be expensive and wedding photography is an investment in your future

  • is committed to meeting and photographing you before your wedding day

  • will work with you to help understand your vision for your wedding and for your wedding photos and bring that vision to fruition

  • understands the importance of candid wedding photography and

  • can make group photos feel completely natural so you have fun posing for them

  • will use the details and moments of your wedding day to create a photographic story

  • absolutely loves her job as a wedding photographer and wouldn’t trade it for the world

  • can roll with the punches and take great wedding photos, no matter the situation

  • is motivated to exceed not only your expectations, but the expectations of your wedding party, family members, and every one of your guests

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