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I love to hear love stories of all kinds because I am a storyteller at heart. The best way I know to tell people’s love stories is through photographs. When it comes to LGBTQ couples, please know that I am not going to treat you any differently than I would treat a straight couple. I don’t presume to know the dynamics of any of my clients’ relationships without first meeting them and listening to the information they volunteer about themselves.

If my approach to wedding photography is consistent with gay couples and straight couples, what is the point of including this page on my website? Simply put, I want to make myself easier for LGBTQ couples, especially those getting married in Vermont, to find.

There is still a lot of progress that needs to be made in this country when it comes to inclusivity and acceptance. This should not be something that couples are concerned about when it comes to hiring wedding vendors, but it is a reality that some vendors will treat LGBTQ couples differently. I wish I didn’t have to say on my website that I do not and will not discriminate against gay couples, but in 2019, I think it’s important that I do. I hope that soon the wedding industry, as well as all other industries and people, will be open and accepting of all couples.

I also want to acknowledge that I don’t have the most diverse wedding photography portfolio out there. Although I consider myself experienced and capable in any situation when it comes to wedding photography, I have shot only a handful of gay weddings so far in my career. I think this is important for me to say as a preface to this message. When you look at the photographs on my website, you will see some photos of LGBTQ couples, but not many. One of my business goals is to work on diversifying my portfolio over the next few years. I want to be able to prove to all potential clients that I can shoot people that look like they do. I want to prove that I can capture love in LGBTQ couples just as well as I can in straight couples because love is love.

My Ideal Clients

I want to make it clear to all of my potential wedding photography clients that I am excited to work with any couple as long as they are in love. The most fun I have as a wedding photographer is shooting a couple that is one hundred percent psyched to be getting married.

I want to work with couples that view marriage as a step or a milestone in their relationship--not as the end of it. A wedding should not be something that you have to “complete” in order to satisfy your partner and it definitely should not be the thing you do because you feel obligated to take an arbitrary step in your relationship.

My ideal clients want a wedding that is a celebration of the important relationships in their life. They want to share special moments with friends and family as well as with their partner. Their wedding is an opportunity to create these special moments and to have a party as a celebration of true love in all its forms.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk! It is an honor to be part of this important day in any couple’s relationship.

A Statement on Inclusivity: I believe that the wedding industry should be a safe space for all people who love each other. I also believe that it is important that wedding industry professionals recognize any unconscious biases they may have when it comes to working with non-traditional couples. My aim is to be as inclusive as possible with the language I use on my website and the ways in which I interact with my clients. I am always open to feedback from anyone about how this is working or not working. You do not need to be a client or potential client to share your opinion on the inclusivity on my website.

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