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5 Reasons why you need to take Engagement Photos

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The engagement ring is on your finger, your friends and family have been alerted, and your heart is filled with anticipation of the big day! Congratulations! Without a doubt, you are on Cloud Nine.  It's in this precious moment that I often get calls from engaged couples asking me whether engagement photos are truly necessary.  While I respect the choice that each couple makes, I can’t help but get a tad bummed when they say they are against it.

In addition to the sentimental value that engagement photos have, here are five practical reasons to book an engagement session.  (Feel free to shamelessly steal any of these reasons to convince your guy that they need to be done!)

Practice for the Big Day!

Let’s be honest, unless you are a professional model, very few people feel completely comfortable in front of the camera.  Many couples utilize their engagement session to get some practice for the big day.  As it is likely one of your first times doing a photo session together, this is the perfect opportunity to get the jitters out and get a feel for how well you flow together in front of the camera.  An engagement photo session helps to create confidence and comfort in front of the camera, making your wedding day photographs a breeze.  By the end of our session, most couples have loosened up and have tremendously less anxiety about being in front of the camera. Their interactions are so much more natural, resulting in photos that look natural and spontaneous.

Time for YOU to get to know ME

We are going to be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day.  In fact, other than your spouse, you will see me more than ANY other person on that big day.  Therefore, I suggest we get to know one another quite well before the big day!  An engagement session allows us to work together before the wedding.  It gives us the opportunity to make sure that we are on the same page as far as communication and style preferences.

Time for ME to get to know YOU

My favorite part of doing an engagement session is learning about the love story!  As I get to know you, your history, and your wedding plans and desires, I begin to formulate an idea of how to shoot your wedding.  During the engagement session, I begin to determine how much guidance and direction the couple needs. I can learn about your preferences and personalities.  Do you have a side that you don’t like? Do you flutter your eyes? Do you have sensitive eyes (I am looking at you BLUE EYES)!  It’s so much easier to learn these things before the big day.

Get some fantastic Portraits

I already touched on this earlier, but your engagement photos are going to be a fantastic snapshot of your life during this important time.  In addition to the obvious use of your photographs: "Save the Dates", many people use engagement photos for their wedding websites, personal websites, or other social media accounts.  In fact, if you ask me to take individual photos during our time together you can use them as a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile and business accounts.  Many couples use the photos for thank you cards and gifts for family and friends, such as an album for the grandparents or framed photos for the in-laws.  Engagement photos are also excellent when they show up at the reception.  I’ve seen couples display an album at the wedding or have a large matted print for friends and family to write well wishes!

It’s just a fun thing to do with your partner

If you are looking for fun ideas for a date day, an engagement photo session may just be it!  It’s a wonderful opportunity to make memories and spend quality time together.  As life gets crazy leading up to the wedding, an engagement session provides a good chance to spend some quality, laid-back time together before the big day.  And, as you are already dressed up, take advantage of it and go out after for a date night!

The goal of any engagement photography session is to create authentic, timeless, memorable, and personal photos!  We can be creative, have fun, and take some awesome photos!