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Why is it so easy to take 5,000 pictures yet so, so, so difficult to cull them down to 1,000 of the best. Today, I am on my third round of looking through the wedding that I photographed this past weekend. I was getting dizzy looking through the images so I decided to take a break and write a quick post. Culling pictures of a Charelston wedding gets increasingly tougher with each look. The first round is a breeze…closed eyes, out of focus, the simply things…gone, gone, gone. But when you get to the point where you need to decide between several great images, you must make critical decisions. Do you take the photo where the bride’s mom looks best or the one where the groom’s mom looks better??? Oh, the choices. No one usually tells you about this part of being a wedding photographer. Fortunately, in today’s age with digital files it is easier to give both as they will most likely decide themselves quickly and simply pass by the others. It is the 100 best images that really matter and tell the story of the wedding. Those are the ones that everyone remembers and cherishes for a lifetime. Unfortunately, those are also difficult to choose, maybe even the toughest??? Oh the madness of culling images…

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