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It is certainly not easy juggling the pressures of life. One thing that I have learned is the importance of time management. Every waking moment is chance to improve and get better. Wedding photography is really hard work and the action never stops. The photography is certainly the best part. I absolutely love the rush of shooting a wedding. Every location is unique, every bride is beautiful and the flow of the day is rapid and exhilarating. The time flies and it is my job to slow things down and capture the little important moments that separates a normal image from a memorable shot. That is so amazing when everything comes together. There is so much happiness, stress and relief tied into one two to three hour wedding.

Getting the perfect image and telling the story of the day is such a unique challenge. It requires many shots, many angles, the perfect light, creating the perfect light and timing. I don’t like to think that luck is involved but it certainly is. Once the images are captured from the wedding, the editing process begins. That is where the art turns into science and the hours add up! That is where I am right now! So time to stop procrastinating and time to get to work editing these shoots.

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