Best Places to Take Pictures in Vermont
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Best Places to Take Pictures in Vermont

Vermont is home to some of the world’s most picturesque scenery. Vermont is an incredibly beautiful place and a famous tourist attraction. It is no wonder why Vermont is also one of the best locations to take pictures in.

As a Vermont wedding photographer, I have traveled all over the state to take pictures. Take a look below to find out what my favorite places to take pictures in Vermont are.

Shelburne Farms, Lake Champlain

For destination weddings in Vermont, Shelburne Farms offers a unique a timeless view of Lake Champlain. Shelburne Farms is an excellent choice for Vermont weddings because it offers the best backgrounds for beautiful wedding pictures.

With Lake Champlain and lush green fields as backgrounds, Shelburne Farms is one of the best places for Vermont photography!

Brattleboro, Vermont

The beloved town of Brattleboro is one of the best locations in Vermont. Brattleboro has a multitude of spots to visit. One of these is the Mount Wantastiquet trail. This downtown mountain has a rough, adventurous look that will come out perfectly in any Vermont pictures you take.

If you are looking for something more scenic in Brattleboro, the West River Trail is a great choice! This trail will offer you some of the best Vermont photography you can get.

Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe

The Trapp Family Lodge is a unique resort located in the heart of Stowe, Vermont. The Trapp Family Lodge is 2500 acres of pure beauty. If you like taking pictures from high locations, the Trapp Family Lodge will offer you endless options.

With incredible mountain views and amazing customer service, the Trapp Family Lodge will make you feel like you’ve entered a whole new world!

The Trapp Family Lodge offers a wide variety of activities. You will be able to capture the old-world comforts in your Vermont photography. The natural beauty of the Trapp Family Lodge is sure to give you an amazing Vermont photography session.

Edson Hill, Stowe

Edson Hill is home to Vermont’s historical secrets and treasures. Built in 1941, Edson Hill is a beautiful luxury resort located in Stowe, Vermont. You can admire the city of Stowe from the comfort of your bedroom’s balcony.

Edson Hill overlooks beautiful green meadows, a lovely pond, and a breathtaking view or the Worcester Range. Edson Hill is sure to give you an unforgettable experience and plenty of opportunities for spectacular Vermont photography.

You can also indulge in snow activities during the Vermont winter. You can make your own snowman and head out for some skiing, both of which are great photo ops for your Vermont photography.

Hildene, Manchester, Vermont

Hildene is the best place to get elegant and sophisticated Vermont photography. Hildene is huge and spacious, offering plenty of locations for the best Vermont photography. If you’re interested in historically significant locations, then Hildene is the perfect spot for you.

Hildene occupies more than 400 acres of land and offers you the best landscapes and gardens for pictures. Hildene has plenty of amazing natural beauty for you to include in your Vermont photography.

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