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Stunning Locations for Wedding Photos at Shelburne Museum

At Maggie and John's intimate Vermont wedding, the wonderful Shelburne Museum wedding coordinator showed us all of the picturesque locations on the museum's grounds. He was very generous with his time, as were the soon-to-be newlyweds. I was basically given the opportunity to use the whole of Shelburne Museum's grounds as my photography playground. This couple radiated joy and love and were incredibly smiley during their couples' portraits, which is always fun to work with.

This was one of my first weddings at the Shelburne Museum and I was excited to explore the various unique locations for Vermont wedding photos as well as to get the classic Shelburne Museum wedding photos that everyone loves at all of their different locations on the property. John and Maggie were generous enough to be photographed under the gorgeous willow trees by the pond, the historic landmarks and boats, the old schoolhouse, the flower garden, the antique train and on the train tracks, and in so many other locations at Shelburne Museum. The location coordinator drove us all around the grounds on a golf cart and the couple was so in love and so much fun to work with. Had they not done a first look, I doubt I would have had an opportunity to capture all of these shots.Wedding Kiss at Shelburne Museum

Photography Assistants at Vermont Weddings

When this wedding happened, I had just gotten my first interns. Two students from Champlain College joined my team for a semester to learn about the business side of wedding photography and to help me with my website and the writing I always seem to need more of on it! I invited one of my interns to come along to John and Maggie's fall wedding at Shelburne Museum because my photo assistants weren't available until a little later in the day and it's always good to have lots of help as a professional wedding photographer.

Booking your Wedding Photographer at The Shelburne Museum

The Shelburne Museum is located in Shelburne, Vermont

Website: The Shelburne Museum

Phone: 802.985.3346

Location: 6000 Shelburne Road Shelburne, Vermont 05482

Location: 6000 Shelburne Road Shelburne, Vermont 05482.

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