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Where is Boone Hall Plantation?

Boone Hall Plantation is located in Mount Pleasant, SC just east of Charleston. It's open to the public for tours and special events. The plantation was built in 1735 and is one of the oldest plantations in the country. The grounds include a cotton gin, slave quarters, and a beautiful garden. There's also an on-site restaurant that serves traditional Southern cuisine.

What makes Boone Hall unique as a wedding venue in Charleston?

Its grounds are truly unique. It's a thrill to see the Avenue Of Oaks for the first time. There's a sense of tradition and southern comfort at the avenue of oaks. After your wedding ceremony, you and your guests will make your way to the Cotton Dock, which is an exciting venue right on the water, bringing a touch of the coastal. Guests can enjoy a mix of both the river and the city.

What is the capacity of a Boone Hall Plantation wedding?

There are so many factors to consider, such as whether the couple wants a sit-down meal or a buffet-style reception. There is a capacity for 300 guests at the Cotton Dock and thousands at the Back Lawn.

How many areas at Boone Hall are available to hold a wedding ceremony and reception?

There are four different venues:

  • Side Lawn (Avenue Of Oaks) - wedding ceremonies
  • The Front Lawn - wedding ceremonies
  • The Cotton Dock - Wedding ceremonies and receptions
  • The Back Lawn - Wedding ceremonies and receptions

The Cotton Dock

One of the most breathtaking natural treasures in the world is the Avenue Of Oaks, a 34-mile long grove of 270-year-old live oaks covered in Spanish moss. There's nothing like this spectacle and it creates a spectacular backdrop to let those memories for a lifetime unfold in many ways.

The Belle Of The Hall

It is an iconic structure located on the grounds of Boone Hall Plantation with its own history. Over three centuries of history, beauty, and grace can be found in this majestic building nestled on a tidal marsh. If the walls could talk, they'd tell of a guest list that has included Presidents, prominent politicians, celebrities, businesses, families, and friends old and new. There's no better setting for celebrating life's most memorable moments...or launching a new beginning of any kind.

The Cotton Dock

Cotton Dock is undoubtedly the most famous and popular venue at Boone Hall Plantation. As you explore your options for Boone Hall venues, you will discover that the facility offers a variety of spectacular locations where the world can stand still and make a lasting impression for your special day.

The Front Lawn

The expansive front lawn in front of the mansion, the cozy patio area behind, and the spacious back lawn surrounded by tidal marshes...all offer spectacular options for a wedding.

Location: Mount Pleasant, SC.

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