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Wedding Day Pictures on a Charleston Rainy Day

If you plan your wedding in Charleston, there is a good chance that it might rain at some point on your wedding day or during your wedding weekend. That is just a fact and something that you should just get comfortable with! What are you going to do if it rains on your wedding day? My advise is for you to enjoy every moment of it! And, hire a Charleston photographer that can handle the rain with a good attitude! Charlestonwedding photographers need to be able to handle all sorts of weather. The weather experts say that on average, it will rain for 12-14 days out of each month. So you have a 1 in 3 chance that it will rain on your wedding day. That's pretty good odds. So, make sure that you have back up plans. Make sure that if it rains on your wedding day, you will be ok!

Charleston Lake Wedding

I have had the pleasure of photographing nearly 200 weddings all around North America, but I must say that this wedding was a first. Eliza and Travis are hardcore skiers. With friends in common and ski racing in their blood, I knew this was going to be fun. The day began with a good old-fashioned ski shooter for the wedding party. As the rain stopped, just in time, the couple headed down to the dock. Travis took a few minutes to cast a few flies in the water and sure enough caught a little fish prior to the ceremony. I think that is good luck!

Charleston Private Estate Wedding

With the bride in one boat and the groom in another the wedding couple took off onto the lake. I was escorted on a separate boat where I got to cruise the lake taking Charleston wedding photos of the couple from boat to boat. They met up half way for some truly unique bridal party photos.

Following a tour of the lake, they returned to the dock where they were married in front of their friends and family. This was such a fun way to come down the aisle, unlike anything I have ever seen.

Eliza and Travis did an incredible job making this wedding feel like them. With a ton of DIY work from the couple, I was psyched to see so many fun ideas. There was a ski lift photo booth, ski shots, a food truck, homemade keg stands and an incredible band. I would have loved to be a guest at this wedding, but I want to thank Eliza and Travis for making Jenna, David and I feel so welcome. This connection allowed us to get some wonderful photos and provided us with an incredible experience that we will always remember. We look forward to seeing you on the mountain as we fight over some fresh powder!

Unique Detail to Consider: This couple made a photobooth using a ski lift chair. This was unique to them and made sense for the couple. I would highly encourage my couples to create a photobooth that is fun, creative and tells a story.

Favorite Photography Moment: This has to be cruising the lake while capturing photos of the bride and groom. You never know where you will be as a Charleston wedding photographer, and I certainly didn’t know that was coming!

Location: Charleston, SC.

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