Bride and Groom First Dance
Amy Bennett Photography

A beautiful photo of the bride and groom dancing their first dance at their wedding. This was a young couple very much in love who decided to have a destination wedding in Cabo. They had a great wedding Coordinator named Rachel Hanson. She organized a minimalistic wedding ceremony right on the beach in Villa. The bride did a sexy boudoir shoot before the event. I love how this photo has purple tones. That is because of the lighting that the bride and groom chose for the wedding table set up. The lantern lights are gorgeous. One other word that I use to describe my work is timeless. This photo does a great job at illustrating this. I believe that creating photos that are timeless means staying away from trendy photo edits. And sticking with the natural skin tones and overall colors in the picture. I like my pictures to be in focus, crisp and have a small depth of field. This image makes me feel happy. I think it is the colors that are present in the photo. I love the color purple. I enjoy the look that they are giving each other. They seem to be truly in love. I like how the bride is looking up at the love of her life.  Thinking about the future and all that is to come.

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