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Multi-Colored Reception Lighting

This photograph capture a magical moment in time. It showcases both the venue and the wedding guests as they dance the night away. This lighting set up works well for this photo and it may have worked well for other photos, but ultimately many of the bride and groom's favorite photographs from the reception will be in black and white. If colors alternate or are separate from one another, wedding and event photographers can capture cool moments like this or closer-up photographs of guests dancing with different swatches of colored light across their faces. These photos can be beautiful and can be a wonderful reminder of the all-out celebration that a wedding reception was.

It's worth considering, and I tell this to all of my clients, scheduling your photographer's exit for half an hour or an hour into the dance party portion of the evening. Of course you want your photographer there to capture your first dance and any father/daughter and mother/son or bride/groom/any important person dances. You want your photographer there when the lights are up and the dances are being showcased. Once the lights dim and the DJ's lights take center stage, your photographer won't be able to capture moments as easily and you (probably) won't want as many of these moments captured (especially if your reception has an open bar).

The Truth About Dance Floor Lighting

Multi-colored lights on the dance floor at a wedding reception are not always the best for wedding photography. Couples don't tend to enjoy photos of their guests bathed in green light or purple light as much as they enjoy the photos of their guests laughing and smiling when they are well-lit with white light or sunlight. The lighting situation at your wedding reception is (generally) determined by three people: your DJ, your location coordinator, and your photographer. Sometimes all-inclusive event planners will have lighting options or couples themselves will have strong options on lighting and be proactive in making sure things the lighting fits the vibe that they want their wedding day (and their subsequent wedding photos) to have. I always appreciate being able to be in contact with location coordinators or those responsible for lighting ahead of time, though I will always bring my own lighting set-up just in case. My #lightinggoals are to create even, natural-looking light across my clients' faces so that the thing you notice about the photos is never shadows or glares, but the emotion on the subject's face.

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