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One of my favorite parts of my wedding day is photographing the wedding rings. I usually do this before the day begins as I capture the details of the wedding. This is my time to get "warmed up" and get my creative juices flowing. The details set the tone for the wedding day and the rings often bring tradition full circle with modern-day wedding planning. In the picture, I used the couple's wedding invitation as a backdrop for the rings. This created a really cool backdrop that matched the feeling of their Charleston Country Wedding. As a native

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Types of Wedding Rings

The tradition of slipping a ring in your loved one’s finger is timeless and cherished for a lifetime. The rings are specifically chosen to reflect the couple, their promises to each other, and their start of a new journey together. The rings are kept as a reminder of the heart-warming times spent together and a promise to stick together through times of thick and thin. It shows that you have a special relationship with someone and how much that someone means to you.

Wedding rings are available in different elegant designs to match the preferences of lovebirds. Here are the different types of rings that you could choose from.

Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum rings are a popular choice for weddings because of their hard surface that never loses its shine, which is why they are also rare. Platinum rings don’t fade or change colors. If the surface of the rings retains scratches, you can always have it restored by your jeweler. Otherwise, it does not cause allergies and resists wear and tear. Thus, if there’s a scratch, the patina can be restored.

Gold Wedding Rings

Rose Gold

You can tell it’s not like your usual white or yellow gold. It’s your perfect choice if you are looking for a vintage touch to keep the love alive. You can have it customized according to preferences. There is no pure rose gold ring. Thus, the percentage of gold contained in the ring depends on your supplier. The rings start losing their sheen when they come in contact with environmental toxins. If the patina retains scratches, you can get it re-polished.

White Gold

This is your ideal choice for diamonds as the color and sheen reflect beautifully on diamonds, despite the carat. White gold contains rhodium, because of which you won’t be getting allergic reactions. Diamonds look better on white gold rather than on yellow gold. Rhodium is also helpful in protecting the ring from corrosion over time.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold rings are your perfect choice if you prefer something traditional and want to protect it from wear and tear. If the ring loses its sheen over time or develops scratches, you can get it re-finished. Even simple yellow gold rings look elegant and can be sustained from environmental pollution for many years.

Titanium Rings

Titanium is stronger and lasts longer than gold. It is lightweight, exhibits a darker shade, and does not cause allergies. Titanium is more comfortable for those who have skin allergies. They don’t corrode and are not toxic. Furthermore, it does not lose its sheen even if you take it into the water. Since it does not rust, you could wash it with organic soap and dry.

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