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Styles of Charleston Wedding Photographers

Experienced Charleston wedding photographers have the skills to tell your story with their camera. Your wedding is a beautiful milestone in your life. Pictures and video become the only source of preservation after your big day. You must select the right Charleston wedding photographer to tell your story. Set your wedding day timeline according to the style of photography that you prefer. Here is a list of the most common types of photography that you will find at a Charleston wedding. Including; Traditional Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Photojournalism, Editorial Photography, Artistic Photography and Candid Photography

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Traditional photography

Traditional photography is the type that existed before the arrival of digital cameras. It refers to all non-digital photography. This is the style seen in the wedding album of your parents and Grandparents. The photographer uses a film camera, so they will have to take care to plan and execute each exposure. The film photographer captures only the most critical moments. The couple is aware when the image is taken as they will be asked to "smile" or strike a pose. It is a more formal way of taking pictures. There is an element of traditional photography on your wedding day. The official portrait session is considered traditional portraiture. These traditional-style photos are important to my clients. They might appear ordinary, but they will often be the photos that grace the walls of my client's homes. It would be fun to incorporate an old film camera to give a vintage touch to pictures.

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Charleston Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is when the photographer creates a balance between traditional and candid photos. The photographer's primary goal is to tell the story of the wedding day. They will tell a story with their camera. The people in the photos will engage in real-life events. The photographer will capture it artistically. The images taken will be a combination of candid and traditional. Lifestyle photography lies on the spectrum between photojournalism and classic portraiture. A sweet mixture of authentic moments and staged moments.

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Charleston Photojournalism

Photojournalism is a form of journalism that uses images to tell a story. Wedding photojournalism became popular when digital cameras became popular. The photographer captures spontaneous and unplanned moments as they happen. Special moments are captured in action. The photographer remains in the background. A wedding photojournalist needs to be creative, fast, and skilled with their camera. A photojournalist will never ask a couple to redo a particular moment if they missed it the first time. Photojournalists have a keen eye for detail. They observe the wedding guests. Taking pictures when they see significant moments with intriguing backdrops and lighting. A photojournalist will create a wedding album that shows a story of the whole day. Not just the important moments. Photojournalism is about being in the right place at the right time and working fast.

Charleston Editorial Wedding Photography

You will find Editorial Photography in fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper's, and Vanity Fair. High quality, retouched and stylized images. An editorial photographer needs to have exceptional skills. They need to think creatively to create a scene. They don't merely photograph what is in front of them like a photojournalist. It is an image created in the mind of the photographer before it happens. There is also a good deal of post-processing on editorial photos. Editorial photographers don't limit themselves to one fantastic image. They use collages or magazine spreads to tell a story of the moment. Editorial photographers will also look for design elements (colors, tones, etc.). Using these elements will create a good flow of images.

The purpose of images is to give a fashion statement. Since they are high-end images, you can expect a luxurious feel to your photos. The photographer will play part photographer and part stylist during your wedding day. You will see their esthetic shine through many of the images.

Charleston Fine Art Photography

It takes a creative photographer to create Fine Art wedding images. The photographer needs to bring their artistry to the wedding day. The photographer creates the images with a specific idea or narrative in mind. The Fine Art Photographer brings originality to the pictures. They believed in uniqueness rather than relying on staged or carbon copy photos. They do not enjoy it if their work looks like thousands of other images on social media. If wedding design, decor, and aesthetics are most important to you, I would recommend a Fine Art photographer.

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