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Charleston Couple's Portrait Photography

Sometimes, for whatever reason, I'll have clients that don't do an engagement or rehearsal dinner shoot and their wedding day is the first time I can work with them. This situation is not ideal for me because I think one of my most important jobs as a wedding photographer is to provide my couples with information about wedding photography, how to pose for couple's photos, and making them feel as comfortable in front of the camera as possible. At the same time, it does happen occasionally. One concern when this happens is that my clients are not getting the full value of their wedding photography package. Engagement or pre-wedding sessions are included in my photography package; this is pretty standard among wedding photographers. I am not always able to reduce the cost of the package, especially when it comes to shooting summer weddings because summer is the peak season for weddings and wedding photographers in high demand have to create a pricing strategy that is reasonable because we make the majority of our money for the year between May and October. A great solution to this problem is to schedule an anniversary or post-wedding session.

Anniversary Portraits in Charleston

Charleston you get married in Charleston, it can be really meaningful to schedule an anniversary photo session with your Charleston wedding photographer after you've been married for a year. Honestly, an anniversary session can be totally fun and meaningful to do at any point in your marriage. I am a wedding and portrait photographer, so I am happy to take portraits of my wedding clients years after their wedding. If you feel most comfortable in front of my camera, I am absolutely honored to take family portraits when you have your first baby or portraits of your family and your siblings' families to give to your parents as an anniversary or birthday gift. If your family doesn't all live in the same area but you are returning to Charleston for a special occasion like a fiftieth anniversary party, someone else's wedding, or a first birthday party for a new addition to the family; this can be a great time to capture some photos of everyone just being together. Photos capture a moment in time. They also capture the bonds of love between family members. What could be a better gift for your parents or grandparents than photos of the whole family?

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