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Cuddling Up in a Pickup Truck

What could be better than spending your Charleston engagement session cuddled up to the love of your life? Adding the classic car of your dreams. This truck serves as a backdrop in this photo in conjunction with the beautiful Charleston foliage seen in the top third of the photo. Many of my clients choose to use classic cars at their wedding for transportation instead of the more "traditional" wedding limo transportation. There is no wrong way to travel to and from your wedding reception or to and from your engagement session, but if you enjoy riding in style, this is a great opportunity to rent or borrow the car of your dreams (or a great opportunity to put the car that you spent lots of time and money fixing up to good use!).

Engagement Session Styling

Engagement sessions are a great time to be a little extra. Don't be afraid to be overdressed (as long as your partner is similarly willing to get dressed up). Don't be afraid to try poses that might feel a little silly at first or to really relax and let yourself have fun. Wear things that make you feel amazing and you will look amazing as a result. If you can't decide what to wear, bring options. Many of my couples choose to wear multiple outfits during their engagement sessions and I don't mind taking a few landscape photos while you change! Having formal and casual engagement photos can be really great because it'll look like you've had professional photos done on more than one day.

Engagement sessions are about trying and practicing in order to make sure your wedding photos turn out just the way you want them. You can only rely on your photographer and your makeup and hair stylists so much when it comes to looking great in your wedding photos. So much of the quality of your wedding photography will come from you putting in the work at your engagement session and during subsequent practice sessions with your partner. Going to a friend's wedding before your own? Use it as an opportunity to practice in front of the camera. Have a friend shoot pictures on their phone or ask your friend's wedding photographer to take a couple of shots during the reception (obviously when they have some downtime and not when they should be focusing on the newlyweds).

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