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Classic Charleston Engagement Photography


The Couple:
  • What are your names?
  • What are you favorite colors/color schemes?
  • What do you like to do together? Places you like to go?
  • Are you a couple that dresses up or prefers to stay casual?
  • Describe your perfect engagement setting (Are you a beach loving couple? Urban-dwellers or Nature lovers, etc.)
  • Do you prefer more traditional or fun engagement shoots?
  • If you love fun photoshoots, would you be interested in a themed shoot? If yes, please review fun photoshoot ideas below and describe what interests you:
  • Would you be interested in using props (IE: Chalkboard with your wedding date, speech bubbles, balloons, lollipops, glass hearts and heart signs, large initials for your names, etc.)
  • Is there a special location you would like to go to?
  • Are there any must-have photos you'd like in mind?

Photoshoot ideas:

  • Beachside Picnic: Umbrellas, blankets, picnic baskets, sand and your sunnies
  • Rustic Contemporary: Think field grass and fresh flowers, rustic furniture props and mason jars
  • Old Mexico: Visiting churches and beautiful old buildings, colorful wall art and historic locations
  • Urban Dwellers: Hit up the fresh fruit carts and cobbled streets, the beautiful graffiti walls, rustic benches and beautiful photo ops downtown
  • Book Nerds: Surrounded by old books and library cards, visit second hand book stores and great reading areas with some fun props in tow
  • Sports Fanatics: You can dress up in your favorite jersey and have a sports themed engagement shoot, create a croquet or mini golf scene, or have a shoot with surfboards on the beach, whatever you can imagine!
  • Candy Shop & Ice Cream Fun: Loaded with candy props and cute scenery, have an engagement shoot outside an ice cream parlor or take pictures with your favorite ice cream cones

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