Engagement on Lake Champlain Beach
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Engagement on Lake Champlain Beach

Raise your hand if Lake Champlain is one of your favorite places in Vermont! That's what I thought. If you've spent basically any time in the northern part of Vermont (or New York), you probably love Lake Champlain. If you live in any other part of Vermont, you've probably visited Lake Champlain and seen a sunset or two. Anyone familiar with a Lake Champlain sunset will tell you that they are unparalleled, breathtaking, and pretty much reason enough to move to Burlington. (This is almost definitely why Champlain College uses the famous lake for its name and all of its marketing materials.)

For all of these reasons and more, most of my clients want to take some photos by Lake Champlain or at sunset or during a Lake Champlain sunset. And why wouldn't they? The lake itself is beautiful and the beaches and areas surrounding the lake at Waterfront Park, North Beach, and Oakledge Park (just to name a few) offer many other spots to take gorgeous engagement photos. In the summer, these spots can get crowded, so you might have to deal with a little bit of staring, but if we get the perfect sunset of your dreams (and mine) no one will be looking at you anyway. Except for me and my camera. That's our job.

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