Lakeside Engagement Session in Vermont
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Lakeside Engagement Session

I consider myself a Shelburne Farms wedding photographer because Shelburne Farms is one of my favorite locations to shoot wedding and engagement photography. Shelburne Farms is a great venue for engagement photos because there are so many places to sit and snuggle with the love of your life. Many of my clients' favorite photos are the lakeside engagement photos because Lake Champlain is always sparkling and reflecting the gorgeous Vermont scenery around them.

Considerations for Newly Engaged Couples

When you first get engaged, there's a lot to think about. There is the excitement, of course, and the love and joy and alllll the congratulations. And then comes the advice. Do this. Don't do this. Have you considered this? Before you've even taken a breath, before their eyes are even off your ring, you're expected to have ideas about your wedding. It's okay to have no idea. It's okay to breathe and it's okay to ignore everyone's well-intentioned but completely annoying advice.

Here's what I would do (and of course I would do this now because I'm a wedding photographer, but I didn't do this when I first got engaged) if I were you: find a local wedding photographer that you love and book an engagement session or find a wedding photographer in Vermont or wherever it is that you think you'd like to get married (just one place you like, this isn't the final decision) and book that photographer for an engagement session.

Make Your Engagement Session a Romantic Evening or Weekend

Turn your engagement session into a romantic date or a weekend getaway (if you're traveling for it). You're only engaged once and the blissful feeling of being newly engaged won't last forever. This is the perfect opportunity to get some great photos to commemorate this time in your life.

During your engagement session date or your weekend getaway, ignore phone calls and texts and social media comments from everyone telling you what you should do with your wedding and your life. Let yourself just not worry about them for a little while and enjoy being engaged.

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