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Rustic Vermont Engagement Session

You can have a theme for your engagement shoot without going completely over-the-top. A rustic Vermont engagement shoot can mean different things to different people. If you and your fiance are farm people, you might want to do some shots with a tractor or in front of a barn. If "rustic Vermont" to you sounds like a late summer or early fall day spent apple picking, maybe that's what you should do for a part of your engagement shoot. Shelburne Orchards is a favorite spot of mine and the grounds are big enough to capture more than just apple picking shots. Maybe all you need to feel Vermont-y is your favorite flannel or classically cute sweaters like these two lovebirds are wearing. If you love the landscape and background of your photo, it will shine through, regardless of what it is.

Showcasing Your Love For Vermont Through Engagement Photos

Not all of my clients who are getting married in Vermont actually live in Vermont, many went to college or took ski vacations or lake trips in Vermont when they were younger. Some of my clients went to friends' weddings or homes in Vermont and were inspired to give the green mountain state a place in their hearts forever. Sometimes one or both of the people getting married grew up in Vermont and moved away, but want to return home for this momentous occasion. Whatever the reason that you chose Vermont as your wedding location, I think it's safe to say that the state of Vermont is meaningful to you in some way. You likely have a favorite restaurant, a favorite hiking or skiing spot, and maybe a favorite park or simply a favorite view. Taking your engagement photos in your favorite place will bring up a lot of emotion in you, especially if you choose a place that you don't get to visit often anymore. Use this emotion to create touching portraits of the two of you and the beautiful state that you've chosen to get married in.

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