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Sarah and Nick had a vision to get married at the family property. With a blank canvas and an open field, the wedding team at created a setting that was absolutely spectacular and unforgettable. I was blown away when I arrived and realized what they had created. As a Charleston wedding photographer, I had the entire property to play with that day. We used the family home, the grounds surrounding the property, and of course the tent to capture the images you see below. The flowers were stunning and the feeling was elegant, subtle, and perfect for a Charleston outdoor wedding. When guests entered the tent it was like they were transported into another World. This truly set everyone at ease to party the night away, complete with a massive firework display.

South Carolina Outdoor Weddings

Are you planning a wedding in South Carolina? Lucky you! Or maybe you just received an invitation to a South Carolina Weddings. Either way, weddings are an excellent reason to visit South Carolina. When you are at a wedding in South Carolina, you will fall head over heels in love with the allure of an outdoor wedding. There are a lot of options for locations to plan your South Carolina wedding. All of these South Carolina Venues will allow you to plan your wedding outdoors.

An outdoor South Carolina wedding is an excellent way to start your married life. Your wedding will be nothing short of a fairy tale. You can get married at a Resort, by the lake or in a rustic barn! The gorgeous views will make your wedding unforgettable. Here are some reasons to love an outdoor South Carolina wedding.

Outdoor weddings are perfect for nature lovers

Imagine making your vows against the backdrop of beautiful seacoast. South Carolina is a stunning area. You can live out your dream of having the perfect outdoor South Carolina wedding. The weather remains mild and fresh. You will save on the decoration costs of an indoor wedding. No need to spend a ton of money on flowers. You will find yourself surrounded by incredible colors, especially in the fall. Plus, there is no limit to space that you usually have in an indoor wedding ceremony. Dining, dancing, and making your vows in nature is always an incredible experience.

Natural Light Photography

Have you noticed why you look better in photos when there's natural lighting? Here in South Carolina, we can select the best time of the day to take great pictures when the natural light shines on you. Imagine having your portraits taken in autumn with hues of red, brown, orange and yellow. The colors combined with pleasant weather will keep you glowing all day. This is one of the reasons demand for outdoor weddings is high in South Carolina.

South Carolina Outdoor Wedding Photography

You just cannot get indoors what you can get outdoors. Weather in South Carolina can be harsh, but in the summer it's lovely to have an outdoor wedding. You will make your wedding beautiful and memorable for a lifetime. The backdrop of mountains with pretty birds and surrounding flowers is what you will miss at an indoor wedding. The mountain views and flowery meadows will make your vows memorable. You won't have to worry about the décor and lighting. The lush landscape will help you create the desired atmosphere.

Beautiful South Carolina Weddings

Without a doubt, you will love being in South Carolina. It is one of the most delightful places to host an outdoor wedding. Your photographs will reflect the picturesque surroundings. Outdoor weddings are the perfect venue to help you bond with your loved one. There is a feel to outdoor venues that indoor South Carolina venues cannot offer. You can always personalize outdoor weddings according to your taste. Outdoor weddings offer more flexibility than indoor weddings in creating a natural environment. Nothing beats dancing under the stars!

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